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Bharath Sankar

GTA 5 outperforms the entertainment elements offered by San Andreas. This is pretty big, as San Andreas is one of the best-selling games in the last decade. GTA 5 is not only a visual pleasure, but also a solid entertainer. The story continues to captivate you, and the prospect of having multiple characters in their own story  or  their combined efforts to complete the mission is  very new and perfectly executed. 

 Go ahead and play it. It's worth your time.

Sahil Naik

Not only is GTA 5  a great game, it's also one of the best graphics games Rockstar has ever made. The attention to detail in GTA 5's design sets it apart from the rest. This is the only game that can only be found by different people in a particular place. Example: If the player goes from the streets of the city, the people  there may be wealthy and handsome, but if they go from the  streets of the countryside, there are poor and homeless people everywhere. Also, if you walk near the industrial land, you will find only workers and utility vehicles. These details of the game captivate everyone, but the problem is that no one  knows about this little thing they  keep  playing online. I just want to tell all GTA 5 online players to turn off the internet and enjoy the game offline.

Sabrina Abrams

This game is  shit. It's full of hackers and mods. You cannot complete a mission without being killed. To be honest, I'm considering selling this game. Missions cannot be performed in invitation-only sessions. Also, if you are using a PS3, you cannot buy hangers or bats. That's really terrible. This game should prevent anyone from hacking or modifying it. They also said that if you had an existing character and switched consoles, you would be your existing character, but that was an absolute lie. You need to start from scratch. Also, do not delete the character to modify its appearance. If you delete it, you will have to start over. -If you can give it 5 stars, you definitely do.


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    Humayun Islam Nabil January 28, 2024 at 11:45 AM


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