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What is an open international survival game?

Survival video games are a sub-style of motion video video games, normally set in hostile, intense, open-international environments. Players usually start with minimum system and are required to continue to exist so long as feasible with the aid of using crafting tools, weapons, shelters, and accumulating resources.


  • Online mode - as much as two hundred gamers on map
  • Real large territory 10 km2
  • Full open world
  • Nice vehicle physics with distroctions
  • Differed vehicle, over 60 types
  • Many differed mission
  • Crazy Russian cars


Forty years after the unlucky coincidence of the Chernobyl nuclear energy plant, future brings you to the region of cautiously recreated metropolis of Pripyat. Uncover the brilliant story, untangle the thriller and attempt to keep your cherished one.

This isn't always an smooth task. It’s a massive open international region packed with risks and anomalies. Hungry predators and sub-human creatures, all of them need a bit of you. The elements, blended with radiation and unexplained phenomenon, make the lovable searching surroundings an area wherein you shouldn’t be. Yet, right here you are.

Scavenge for assets internal any constructing and mainly the landmarks of Pripyat: lodge Polissya, the cultural center, cinema Prometheus, the swimming pool and all of the deserted flat buildings. Craft and pick your equipment wisely. Discover and use the campsites for correctly passing the nights. Equipment, guns and the cars you can locate and use are your best friends.

Good luck!


Mutations are going on withinside the doomsday international. Massive zombie swarms are coming in all directions. Enigmatic massive eggs and new kind of Infected emerge.

In the doomsday international this is getting out of control, survive, together!

- Experience Half-zombie Survival -

The enterprise called "Dawn Break" emerged out of the doomsday. They claimed that human nonetheless has a threat after being bitten through zombie - to stay as a half-man-half-zombie "The Revenant", through leaving behind identity, appearance, talents of human, and alternate forever.

- Maintain Hope and Will -

When the doomsday comes, zombies are everywhere. Social order unexpectedly collapsed, and the acquainted international have become strange. Zombies covet the human settlement. The harsh weather and scant assets make it tough to move. And there's additionally strength war most of the survivor forces.

Danger is everywhere. Please preserve calm and stay on through all means!


The stunning coastal city Oakport become woke up via way of means of the unexpected presidential alert activated countrywide huge. A lethal outbreak of mysterious spore contamination has worn out maximum of the populace inside some days already, and the unknown contamination maintains spreading. People fled in chaos into the streets, quickly they found out their domestic is becoming a put up apocalyptic wasteland, poisonous mutants and zombies are roaming the city, infrastructure is destroyed, society and civilization have absolutely collapsed. You and your own circle of relatives had been separated while fleeing into the wildness.

Now on this devastating doomsday you're to your own! SURVIVE is the simplest factor that matters! How an awful lot longer can you are making it out there?!

Number 01 Game:

Exterminate crowds of mutated zombies and shoot down threatening monsters of all kinds. Each inflamed has one of a kind look and attacking sample relying on its mutation routes. As the ultimate survivor, look at and use clever approach to kill and to break out the kingdom of decay!

And your maximum deadly enemies are different left to continue to exist human players! Do now no longer stroll blind into the useless, however maintain tight your weapon, be vigilant and preserve your eyes open on different survivalists passing via way of means of, whether or not in 1vs1 war or alliance war. Between a faithful buddy and a risky intruder is frequently simplest a first-class line.

On this movement packed adventure of survival, you’ll be going through one of a kind duties, puzzles and riddles. Solve them to show the reality of the shattered global and store the demise mild of the civilization. Perhaps the destruction of the fallen humanity become now no longer an accident! You may additionally discover greater clues to hint your own circle of relatives’s whereabouts!

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