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Omega Legends is a sci-fi battle royale shooter set in the near future, where the game "" has swept the globe! To defeat the competition, choose a Hero and make use of their powers. Choose to fight alone or with companions in one-on-one battles with a hundred other players. Do whatever it takes to be the last one standing: hunt down foes, establish defenses, or take a sneaky approach.

Heroes with Distinctive Abilities
Heroes with distinct powers to fit a variety of playstyles. In the right hands, any Hero is capable of conquering the battlefield! There is always a Hero that suits and strengthens your strategy, whether you like stealth, rush assaults, healing, or defensive play. To take the upper hand in every match, use the Heroes' skills at the right times!

Compete against players from all over the world in a variety of modes.
Play in a number of different modes! In the original Survival Mode, fight to be the last player remaining, or outwit and outlast your opponents in the all-new Covert Operation.

Multiplayer Battles on Dynamic Maps at a Large Scale
Large-scale battles are set against beautiful maps. The terrain varies throughout the battle for a truly immersive experience! Covert Operation is an innovative game style in which the key to win is to remove each enemy with a single decisive blow.

A plethora of items as well as realistic gunplay
Choose from a large range of firearms based on real guns, each with its own set of characteristics for a diversity of shooting experiences! Use a range of weapons, including highly destructive Fragmentation Grenades, visibility-disrupting Flashbangs and Smoke Grenades, and volatile Landmines that can be buried.

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