Ramadan Life Simulator 3D Game


Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and the holy month of fasting in Islam. The crescent moon appears at the start and at the end of the story. Ramadan begins 10–12 days earlier each year because the Muslim calendar year is shorter than the Gregorian calendar year, allowing it to fall in every season over a 33-year cycle.

You will experience life during Ramadhan in this Simulator. In this holy month, people try to make God happy in this manner.

In this Islamic game, you will be required to perform various holy tasks as well as numerous other good deeds in order to live a life that pleases God. Offering prayers, reading the Quran, Iftar, Sehri, and assisting others are just a few examples.

Because Ramadan is a month of reflection, communal prayer (alt) in the mosque, and Qurn reading for Muslims. Those who observe the holy month with fasting, prayer, and sincere intention have their past sins forgiven by God. Ramadan, on the other hand, is more of a time for Muslims to practice self-control, in accordance with awm (Arabic: "to refrain"), one of Islam's pillars (the five basic tenets of the Muslim religion).

Although awm is most commonly associated with the obligation to fast during Ramadan, it can also refer to the obligation to abstain from food, drink, sexual activity, and all forms of immoral behavior, including impure or unkind thoughts, between dawn and dusk. As a result, false words, bad deeds, or bad intentions can be just as damaging to a fast as eating or drinking. So the main goal or agenda of this game is to encourage people to live a happy life.


* Realistic Environment

* Attractive Missions

* User Friendly

* Earn Rewards


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