Trader Life Simulator For Android APK Free Version

 Trader Life Simulator Mobile Free Download

Build your own supermarket, customize your shop, buy new vehicles and equipment, manage your economy, buy and sell over 100 different products,  and expand and create your own success story. 

Start with your empty business, start your own business, and  build your own success story.

Features: -

-More than 100 different products for sale in the player's shop 

 -Customize your home including furniture, PC and more. -Watch TV and other destinations 

 - Accounting system. -Dynamic pricing system: Product prices change daily 

 -Economic systems, banks, loans, ATMs, credit cards, etc. 

 -Telephone / laptop players can be purchased and used. -The store is full. -Survival aspects such as hunger, fatigue and dirt. -Health system: Players get sick if they don't eat or take a shower ... etc. 

 -There are many shops in town, from which you can interact and shop. -Lots of customization and furniture for your store. -Workers in your store. -Cars / trucks for driving and transporting goods. -Vehicles require petrol, oil and repairs. In addition, there are auto mechanics in the town. 

 -You can buy at the store: cars, food, drinks, oils and over 50 items. -Instead of managing your business, you can work in your business or in a much more interesting place and earn more. -Electronic devices that players can buy and resell in their stores. -A farm that players can buy and grow. -TV that can play any video on the internet in the game

Trader Life Simulator is a game to play as a man who owns an empty supermarket. While managing other aspects of your life, you must keep your business running and keep your supermarket in stock. take care ! Bankruptcy is optional.

Trader Life Simulator Like Game

NUMBER 1 : Game

Have you ever dreamed of having your own Bakso restaurant? 

 Now that you can do anything with the Bakso Simulator, don't keep dreaming! 

 In this world you will own your  old friend and your own Bakso restaurant 

 Help the townspeople by completing their quests and revealing all the secrets of the town! 


 -Create your own Bakso restaurant 

 -A lot of characters interacting in the city 

 -Follow the exciting story about the city 

 -Have you finished your work? Don't forget to go home, sleep and decorate your home the way you like 

 -Don't forget to pay the employee 

 -Protect Bakso from flies, thieves and ghosts 

 -Explore the city! 

 And most importantly, collect  money to make your Bakso restaurant the best in the world!


NUMBER 2 : Game -

Conquer the bigger cities and show them all their glory from the creators of the multi-million dollar games Clash of Crime and World of Derby 

. Shooting a gun and shooting off the police does not help you become famous. Start  with a simple worker and climb the career ladder. Game BigCityLife: Various tasks, missions and steep wheelbarrows in Simulator. 

 Big City Life: Simulator game features: 

 -Colorful models of characters, vehicles and buildings 

 -HD graphics 

-touch screen control optimization 

 -More possibilities for the open gaming world 

 -The endless sea of ​​gameplay 

 -Absolute freedom of action 

 -Thief simulator

Gameplay function: 

 -Create characters at your own discretion 

 -Dress up your character with the latest fashion trends 

 -Go to the gym and bend your muscles 

 -Follow the indicators of hunger and energy 

 -Achieve your character's desires and goals 

 -Get the rights, buy  a cool car and even better  

 -cool? A brief description of the 

 game scenario to start buying real estate: 

 The young man came to the big city and faced the issue of viability as the big city needed more opportunities and money. He works on a variety of jobs, gains new experiences, and changes jobs with his work. With a pizza machine, garbage disposal, he masters new and more complex tasks. At this stage, everything is just the beginning of his new life in the big city. It may not be San Andreas or Los Santos, but you don't have to be bored.


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