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2 million people affected by floods in Sylhet, 22,000 houses destroyed

From June 15 onwards, heavy rains and upstream floods gradually became severe. Sylhet has been in the grip of floods for the last 10 days. The floods have devastated the entire district and now the water is slowly receding. However, most areas are still submerged.

The water level in the last 24 hours was very low. As a result, most areas of the district are still flooded. And there is no end to the suffering of the Banavasis who are under water.
According to Sylhet district administration sources, 2,560 sq km area has been inundated in 99 unions and 5 municipalities in 13 upazilas of the district including Sylhet City Corporation till Saturday (June 25).

A total of 20 lakh 25 thousand 245 people from 3 lakh 69 thousand 320 families have been affected. 140 medical teams have been deployed in their health services.

Besides, 22,150 houses were destroyed in the floods. It was also confirmed that 26,945 hectares of crops were damaged.
Meanwhile, the flood waters in Sylhet city and surrounding areas have decreased a lot in the last four days. As the water receded, many left the shelter and returned home.

According to the data, 2 lakh 52 thousand 6 people took shelter in 614 shelters in Sylhet City Corporation. As of Saturday, 59,899 people are sheltered. As such, about 1 lakh 93 thousand 189 people have left the shelter. However, the stench has started spreading from the dirty water of the flood that has accumulated on the roads at present.

On Saturday (June 25) at noon, various areas of the city were visited, and the areas where the water had accumulated on the main roads had almost receded. However, some roads still have water. In the meanwhile, water has remained in the roads of different neighborhoods including Shahjalal sub-city and Taltola road of Sylhet city. However, vehicles are plying on all the roads.
On the other hand, the water of Jatarpur, Mirabazar, Shahjalal Upazila, Sobhanighat, Mirza Jangal, Taltala, Jamtala, Sheikhghat, Ghasitula, Kuarpar, Laladighir Par areas of the city is dirty and black. There is a strong stench emanating from the frozen water in these places.

Searching in different places of the district, it has been found that the speed of water discharge is very slow in the last 24 hours. Water did not come down in many places. The Banavasi people have suffered in the aftermath of the floods.
Abdul Quddus, a resident of South Surma in Sylhet, said the water seemed to be stuck in one place. Neither increasing nor decreasing. Water indoors for more than a week. How long can you stay as a refugee?

Mahbub Alam of the same area, who left his house due to the flood waters, said the water was not receding easily and food was not available. Life has become helpless.

It may be mentioned that floods have occurred in Sylhet since June 15. After two days it took a terrible turn. 70 percent area of ​​the district is flooded.
Sylhet Divisional Director of the Department of Health. Himanshu Ral Roy said the catastrophic floods had killed 51 people in the Sylhet division from May 18 to Saturday (June 25).

For five days the water began to recede slowly, but the water of the Surma River was still flowing over the danger line.

On the other hand, water is rising in the Kushiyara Basin. New areas in Zakiganj, Beanibazar, Golapganj, Fenchuganj, Osmaninagar, Bishwanath and South Surma were inundated till Saturday due to rising water level in Kushiyar.

Disaster Rescue Service - Emergency Flood Rescue

Play as a rescue service specialist, save lives and help people affected by floods in big cities. Work as a rescue helicopter pilot, emergency medical personnel and rescuer in a disaster rescue simulator. Lead a helicopter rescue team to rescue many people  affected by the flood in emergency  rescue.  Use special equipment such as rescue boats and military helicopters for rescue operations on 

 helicopters. Drive a rescue helicopter and transport the victims to a safe zone with a rescue simulator helicopter. Drive a rescue boat to rescue flood victims  in hard-to-reach areas of the city. Lead a rescue team and help people affected by the flood with a helicopter rescue simulator. Realistic rescue simulator game. Work with a quick response team to help  people in the flood-affected areas. 

 Work as a search and rescue helicopter pilot, healthcare professional, or  rescuer to rescue people stuck in a flooded city. Drive a rescue helicopter and use special equipment such as lifelines and rescue baskets to rescue the injured and save lives. 

 Disaster Rescue Service-Emergency Flood Helicopter Rescue Game Features: 

  •  Work as an ambulance specialist 
  •  Help and rescue people affected by the flood 
  •  Fly helicopters, drive boats and save lives 
  •  Spectacular gameplay 
  •  Smooth control 
  •  Open world environment


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