Underworld Gang Wars Game (UGW) Download From Bangladesh


About the MAP 

Follow the path like a biker shah, explore magical realms and places, and become the one to carry out important strikes. If you have enough Jigra to take a shot, Dantara is a hot spot for action!


The evergreen question  "What does a battle royale rooted in India  look like?" Was finally answered. Introducing Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) A battle royale with Indian roots built for gangsters. 

 Jump to the beautiful island of Dantara in India. Here, the  Maya River divides the interior into two parts. Land in places inspired by some of India's most beautiful and beloved places. Pick up  enemies and shoot with  Indian touch weapons Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) is a battle royale rooted in India

Fire from the roof or wait for the enemy to come to you. Fire everything in a hot drop like a racetrack or slum, or go slowly and quietly in an area like Mandy or a stadium. Every strategist has something. 

 Action doesn't stop here. You can enter the War Zone with a solo, duo, or team of four to compete for supremacy in Dantara.

[FEATURES OF Underworld Gang Wars (UGW)]


Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) is rooted in India and designed for gangsters. It brings you the best of both worlds! Shoot your enemies freely with weapons of Indian origin such as ring-tailed lemurs and hammers. Bring the long-awaited Indian touch to Battle Royale by exploring beautiful landscapes inspired by legendary Indian locations such as Gart, Fort and Station while driving the Jeep and the Classic 350 Underworld Gang Wars (UGW). increase!


Ride with a raw, real, ruthless Bhokal Toli led by  leader Tyagi, or join Boris's horrifying and flashy Velvets for supremacy in Warzone's Dhantara. You and your choice can make a difference to Underworld Gang Wars (UGW). Kisukirega? 

 [Customize Character] 

 Choose from a variety of headgear, facewear, tops, bottoms, shoes, costumes, vehicles and weapon skins to customize your character to your liking. There are no restrictions on personalization. 

 [Dominate the Leaderboard] It is not enough to pledge allegiance to 

 Bhokal Toli or Velvets. You need to get up and help shoot enemies and climb  the leaderboard in the war zone. Reward? A chance to speak out which side Dantara dominates, and a chance to crown Don of the era, the best and most exclusive title.

[Season Update] 

 The new season brings new challenges, opportunities, weapon skins and evolutions to the Underworld Gang Wars (UGW). Check this space for more details. Something big will come out! 


 Underworld Gang Wars (UGW) Minimum System Requirements: 

 Minimum Disk Capacity: 2 GB 

 Minimum RAM: 2 GB 

 You need a stable internet connection.

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