Bangladeshi New Battle Royale Game - Annihilation Mobile

 Annihilation Mobile

Block and load gamers. Season 0 Episode 1: Welcome to the Prologue. Choose a unique hero and fight the battle royale of 60 players. Each hero has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it's up to you to use them properly. 

 Season 0 is  an introduction to the basic game mechanics and game modes. Expect a special event to showcase epic weapons, emotes and heroes. Play RPG mode and cause havoc to  other players. Participate in story quests and affect the entire plot. Please note, your choice is important. 

 Story: Season 0 Episode 1 The "Prologue" is set in 2030, and our heroes begin to rebel against a secret organization called the "Council." Various alien devices have emerged and everyone concludes that the "rat" has something to do with it. It's up to you to know what happened in the capture of the extinct universe.


Gamer Review 01 : Some work is required. It's very difficult to control. The fire button must be dynamic, non-stationary, or larger. There is no sound in the lobby and I cannot access the menu. Both weapons look great, but they have exactly the same functionality. AI needs to be smarter. You need to clearly show who is on the enemy team. If you want to keep playing, you need spice and originality.

Gamer Review 02 : FPS is  okay for me because 2 stars liked FPP better than TPP. that's why. If not, the server is really messed up. It's been over two years and the game hasn't improved much yet. Yes, fix the control, fix the server to fix the TPP mode, or  continue the FPP. It also displays the loading screen and adds the last card to provide a good lobby.

Gamer Review 03 : I know it's in beta, but the amount of work required is immeasurable. Many bugs and bugs need to be fixed. All weapons feel the same, but they shouldn't. The graphics are very good, ngl. But AI is very ridiculous. And other improvements are needed. Personally, my device gets very hot (poco x3 pro-stock android) and finally, developers shouldn't rush to release unsophisticated games. Take the time to provide something good. thank you.

Gamer Review 04 : In the pictures, they gave good maps and pictures for character modeling. However, there is no map in the game  except one, this map is also very late and the graphics are not very satisfying. Improve your game with the appropriate updates.

Gamer Review 05 : I think this game is very different from other games. First, they have made many changes. They have achieved graphics, well-designed controls. His game is just garbage. It's full of rugs. I can't see anything when I enter  the game. Everything goes black. This all shows what  the developers have done in two years. The game control system  is very poor. The big problem is that the game is played in the opposite direction. The graphics need improvement. Everything else is fine.


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