Former GTA boss’s Build A Rocket Boy announces hiring of PlayStation, 2K and NCsoft veterans

Former GTA boss’s Build A Rocket Boy announces hiring of PlayStation, 2K and NCsoft veterans

MICK HOCKING, co-founder of Evolution STUDIOS, has appointed Chief Development Officer

Build A Rocket Boy, a studio founded by former Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies in 2016, has announced the appointment of three game industry veterans to its executive team. 

Mick Hooking has been hired  as Chief Development Officer, Murray Panel has been hired as Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, and Randall Price has been hired as Chief Publishing Officer. 

Hocking was formerly the studio director of SCE Liverpool Studio, PlayStation London Studio and MotorStorm developer Evolution Studios, and he co-founded it.

He was also Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Vice President of Product Development at Codemasters. 

Pannell participated in Build a Rocket Boy from 2K and was Vice President of Publishing in Europe. He was also previously Marketing Director for PlayStation UK and Ireland, Marketing Director for Ubisoft, and Group Product Marketing Manager for Xbox. 

Price  recently served as Senior Vice President of Publishing at NCsoft and previously spent 15 years at Guild Wars developer ArenaNet, where he was Senior Vice President of Global Business. 

"The Build A RocketBoy team has grown steadily since 2016 and we are pleased to  welcome Mick, Murray and Randall to the studio today," said Benjis, Studio Chairman and Game Director. .. 

“As we continue to develop Everywhere, each brings a great deal of experience, knowledge and passion to building Rocket Boy. We look forward to  more announcements from the team  in late 2022.” Thursday 

The news was announced in a Scottish studio for the first time in almost two years. 

Build A Rocket Boy is working on its debut title Everywhere on Thursday with a team of more than 400 developers and  innovators based in Edinburgh, Budapest and around the world, with the goal of pushing the boundaries of video games. .. Revolutionizing entertainment. " .. A report released earlier this year by Galaxy Interactive,  which  invested in 

Build A Rocket Boy, describes the game as "Real-Life Ready Player One" and refers to books and movies about one open world in virtual reality. 

It's an "virtual sandbox" that allows players to create their own world, and an open  world AAA game with a multiplayer experience featuring epic multi-chapter stories and user-generated content through  deep social and streaming. I called it. The integration includes.

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