GTA 6 Setting Possibly Leaked by GTA Online


Some Grand Theft Auto fanatics are speculating that the trailer for the brand new GTA Online replace teases the placing of GTA 6. Most rumors approximately the subsequent Grand Theft Auto sport appear to agree that Vice City, the series' fictional tackle Miami, is both the number one area of the sport, or one of the fundamental places in it, with different towns and nations thrown round with the aid of using numerous rumors like Carcer City (Midwest), Liberty City (NYC), Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and more. Vice City is the not unusualplace thread aleven though. Then there may be some other fundamental break up among rumors, with a few pronouncing the sport takes area withinside the 80s even as others pronouncing the present day era. And then there are a few rumors that say it takes area in both, with the prologue occurring withinside the beyond and the relaxation of the sport occurring in present day times. All of that said, the aforementioned GTA Online trailer has a few Grand Theft Auto fanatics searching lower back over the rumors bringing up the 1980s. 

As Twitter account GTA 6 News & Leaks factors out, the monitor trailer for the brand new GTA Online The Criminal Enterprises replace has a scene in which a man or woman says, 'It's insane! It's like I'm lower back in 1981."As you will expect, a few fanatics have taken this as a hint, in part due to the fact Rockstar Games is understood to tease destiny video games with small easter eggs, aleven though those easter eggs are generally much less apparent than this.

For now, take the entirety right here for what it is, that is entire speculation. While there may be some thing to this speculation, there may be additionally a excellent danger there may be not anything to this short a part of the trailer.

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