Hitman 3 adds a new free map Ambrose Island - Targets, unlockable items, full patch notes and more


Hitman three has released a brand new map referred to as Ambrose Island, set withinside the Andaman Sea. The new degree takes vicinity earlier than the occasions of Hitman three and brings new objects to release and demanding situations to overcome.

Developed through IO Interactive, Hitman three is the end result of the World of Assassination Trilogy. The sport sees gamers assuming the function of Agent forty seven and exploring the big sandbox to take down targets.

The new Ambrose Island in Hitman three is ready withinside the Andaman Sea and is populated through Pirates.

Agent forty seven is tasked through Lucas Grey to take down his former operative Noel Crest, who has due to the fact defected and long past rogue

His 2nd goal is Sinhi "Akka" Venthan, chief of the Pirate Syndicate in Ambrose, with whom Crest is attempting to set up a partnership

The unfastened map is a part of Hitman three Year 2, and it brings pretty some selective expert equipment for Agent forty seven to utilize.

There are 20 degrees of vicinity masters so that it will release new beginning locations, object stashes, unlockable weapons, objects and more. The unlockable objects consist of the Guerilla Wetsuit, Molotov Cocktail, a fueloline grenade with a toxic frog trapped inside, swashbuckling Kukri Machete and more

New Additions

Game Settings Preview

  • We've added a visual preview widget to all Gameplay settings in the Options menu, including HUD, minimap and interactions.
  • As you toggle between on/off and other choices, the widget will update for each individual selection. Where it makes sense, there are also animations to mimic the gameplay experience.

PC: Nvidia DLSS 2.4.3

  • We've officially deployed DLSS version 2.4.3 with the July patch. We were intentionally using version 2.3.2 since the May Patch because we were aware of some visual issues with version 2.4.3.

Elusive Arcade Tweak

  • We've made a back-end change to Elusive Target Arcade, which allows Hitman 3 owners to play all existing and future Arcade contracts, regardless of their ownership of Hitman 1 or Hitman 2. Previously, players were required to own an 'Access Pass' for Hitman 1 or Hitman 2 to access the relevant Arcade Contracts.
  • This change allows us to create Arcade Contracts that are not restricted to targets from the same game. We're now able to pick and choose from the full roster of available Elusive Targets to create more variety and themes. You'll see the first of these appear in-game starting in August.

PS5 Activities

  • We've made changes to the 'Activity Cards' for PS5 users so that more relevant ones are shown based on what you own.
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