How to fix Warzone flashing screen glitch


A pesky Warzone malicious program has reared its unpleasant head again, however fortunately, there's a extra trustworthy answer this time around.

Bugs aren't new to Warzone. Players currently said a server trouble on Golden Plunder that gets rid of maximum of the foyer withinside the center of a round.

A odd Warzone pre-sport foyer malicious program absolutely ruined fits at the start of July. Players have been indefinitely caught in a “Return to Combat Area” display screen after wandering out of bounds earlier than the sport.

Players already suffered from getting caught internal partitions on Fortune’s Keep or spawning withinside the gas. The state-of-the-art malicious program is disturbing however now no longer sport-breaking just like the troubles above.

Reddit consumer amphelman published a clip displaying a flashing mild overtaking their complete screen. An instant response could be to shut the software and restart, however there may be a fair less complicated solution.One consumer said, “it's going to take place on any reflective floor as some distance as I can tell. I actually have visible it take place to guns, stair railings, and fences from time to time.”

To restore the problem, all gamers need to do is transfer their weapon withinside the create a category screen.

A participant attempted that technique and stated, “I switched to my favored weapon and were given it. Thank you.”

If the problem persists withinside the match, you can want to do a whole restart, however converting guns must restore the problem.

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