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 New Steam Game Has a Strange Challenge for Players

Steam isn't lacking in weird and unique games that players can try. Game testing is rarely too risky, thanks to the platform's relatively generous refund policy. Playing repeatedly and refunding  may not be the most compassionate habit, but the new Steam game will actually give players a green light to refund if they can win in two hours.  The game in question, properly named Refund Me If You Can, is now available  on Steam following its release on July 22nd. A horror game where players are trapped in a maze and chased by monsters. The catch  is that you have to beat it in 2 hours, and if you do, you are allowed to refund it. 

 Read the game preview "Maze, monster chasing you, do you have the courage and skill to escape from this nightmare within 2 hours?"  The emphasis on 

 "Allows" comes from the fact that you can refund your game at any time during the two-hour period permitted by Steam's refund policy, even if you are not actually playing the game. The gimmick works with the honor system, and developer and publisher Sungame Studio says it will lay out the rules and launch the game with a message asking the player to agree to the honor, otherwise it will not request a refund. I am. I won the game in 2 hours. You can't pause, and  if you don't get out of the maze within two hours, your achievement will show up as "permanently locked."

While navigating through the maze, the creators paid attention to monsters and environmental degradation and advised players not to stand still for more than 45 seconds. To eliminate the dead end of the maze, players can also throw markers to indicate which passes to take and which to avoid.

Looking at one or two playthroughs can seem a bit buggy, but that's a great trick. It's only $ 3.99 to refund me if you can, so it's not a big investment to try anyway, whether you can  beat it and get a refund.

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