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 World War Armies Apps Available on Google Play

The first classic PVP military multiplayer RTS game about World War II on mobile.A true real-time strategy game about World War II is waiting for you. World War II (WWA) is a multiplayer PvP game that tests your strategic thinking and decision-making skills at every moment of the game. Get out of difficult battle situations and play against your opponents in 1vs1 Strategy Online Multiplayer! Prove that you are a legendary War Commander like General Guderian and Marshall and defeat your rivals! World War II offers unlimited strategic possibilities to make every battle unique! 

Learn  about epic World War II military  tactics such as blitzkrieg, trench warfare, war of attrition, and night battles. Think of it as a true wartime commander of one of the largest troops in the world. No time to wait for  Omaha Beach missions, you have to act now! This experience goes beyond a typical RTS strategy game. Immerse yourself in the world of PvP, prepare your army and enjoy your true warrior companion.

Various military combat strategies can be used in World War II. First, select the unit you want to participate in the battle. You are free to use different types of World War II infantry, vehicles, and legendary tanks. Every second is counted on the battlefield! Dispatch an attacking team to earn resource points. Choose your actions wisely. You can build fortresses, upgrade your command center to acquire new troops, or strengthen your troops with  recruits. But beware of your enemies! He strives for victory and tries to undermine your tactics. The best commander wins!

Each battle provides experience and opportunities to improve your existing RTS forces with new units or powerful level-ups. Reach new heights every time you play this PvP war strategy game! Study game mechanics, understand your weapons, and choose your recruits wisely. This RTS multiplayer online game wouldn't be good without challenges. Real war is not a vacation, so get  together, Combat Commanders!

★ True RTS multiplayer game-Classic RTS mobile strategy game  

★ World War II environment-War takes place during  World War 

★ Command and conquest-Control military units and control enemy Conquer the  base 

★ PvP World-Confront players from all over the world Real-time PvP Battle World 

★ Realistic 3D Graphics-Fight over photo-realistic fire and smoke, dirt and dust 

★ New army Unlock types-Change military strategy to adapt to enemies 

★ Get rewards-Improve your army after each battle  

★ Free play (F2P)-Play for free in this online strategy game

This will be your favorite WW2 RTS game so far. Do you want to wait for D-Day or act now? Take on the role of  great army commander and war strategist. This battlefront is your new home! Launch your own Pearl Harbor in this exciting online PvP strategy  game. 

World War II is a multiplayer online and military strategy PvP game. You always need a  stable internet connection.

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