Classic Grand Theft Auto Vehicles GTA 6 Can Bring Back


Grand Theft Auto 6 could bring back vehicles that haven't been featured in classic GTA games for years. With each new game, many old elements carry over, along with new content and mechanics. GTA 6 could benefit from the addition of a few classic vehicles from series with regular mainstays.

As you might guess from the title, cars and driving are a big part of Grand Theft Auto games, and the series has an appropriately wide range of vehicles. The range of vehicles ranges from tight tuners to rugged muscle cars to ultra-fast sports cars. There are more than just simple cars to choose from. The game has many motorcycles, land and water vehicles available to the player, all of which you can get your hands on. One of the best things the new title can do, other than bringing GTA 6 cars closer to his RDR2 horses, is bring back some great cars from the series' past.

While there are many vehicles that have been longtime mainstays of the series, there are some lesser-used vehicles that deserve a comeback. Some of GTA's most interesting and distinctive vehicles have only appeared in one or two games. This is a real shame considering how great it looks on modern consoles. GTA 6 could see some of these underrated vehicles return to the series.

There are far fewer Grand Theft Auto titles featuring demolition derbies than expected. Between the destruction involved and the potential for overkill, Demolition Derby feels like a perfect fit for the series. GTA 6 needs new side missions, but the return of Bloodring Banger makes a strong case for more demolition derbies.

Named after the inaugural event Bradling, the Bradling Banger is a sedan modified to compete in demolition derbies. This meant that most of the interior was removed and the car was reinforced with roll bars to withstand impacts. This makes it visually distinct from most cars in the series. But where it really shines is in its performance. Much faster than most sedans thanks to the improved engine and very strong and capable due to the car's weight and roll bar
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