Gamers face price rise on PS5 but not Switch


Gamers looking to buy a new console should expect a price hike if they want the Sony PlayStation 5, but not if they opt for the Nintendo Switch.

The PS5 will cost an additional £30 in the UK, €50 (£42) for the EU console, and 20 CAD (£13) for the Canadian console.

Sony has been raising the prices of its consoles due to inflation, but Nintendo has said prices will stay the same even as costs rise.

Meanwhile, PC gamers will soon be able to save money on hardware.

Jensen Huang, chief executive of tech company Nvidia, said the company has overproduced graphics cards that have been in short supply in recent years. According to the Verge, "Our strategy is to sell well below the market's current sell-through levels to give the channel an opportunity to correct itself," he said.

No price increase in the US despite price increases for his PS5 in many jurisdictions.

Piers Harding-Rolls, an industry analyst at gaming research firm Ampere Analysis, told the BBC that the lack of price increases in the US was due to the strong dollar.

“Sony is a global company and consistently operates in many global markets, so it is subject to exchange rates and a strong dollar.

"That's why we're seeing price increases in some markets and not others. A nuanced approach that seeks to reflect the cost impact of commodities in relation to these particular markets. there is."

Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in his blog post: “We are seeing high inflation rates globally and unfavorable currency movements that are impacting consumers and putting pressure on many industries.”

But Harding-Rolls said he didn't expect the price hike to deter gamers.

"Availability isn't great, but I think the stagnant demand for the PS5 means that this price increase won't have much of an impact at all," he said.

"I don't think Sony's outlook or sales will change. I think they will sell whatever they can put on the market."

He added that the move could give an edge to Microsoft, which makes the Xbox console.

BBC He Contacted Microsoft

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