GTA 6 Announcement May Be Closer Than Expected, Says Insider


Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are keeping Grand Theft Auto 6 a secret, but that doesn't stop leaks and rumors. couple will appear. Further rumors are that the game will feature  brand-new  single-player DLC for the city.

 GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition players have made an important discovery in San Andreas in 2021. They discovered new images at the Lil' Probe' Inn, a UFO bar. The image included a house that did not exist in previously released Rockstar Games games, as well as a removed UFO. 

players finally guessed that the house was in Florida. This is the real-world equivalent of Grand Theft Auto's Vice City. 

Prominent insider Tez2 has claimed that Rockstar Games will add his UFO to GTA Online 16 days before Halloween. Stealth UFO  also appeared on October 23rd. He added that lil would be a photo of his player in the House GTA Trilogy he found at the Probe Inn. 

“A year ago we did this intriguing puzzle hunt. He said 

 Rockstar will make an announcement a week before the  October 23rd event. However, the player believes that hints can be put together  and  Rockstar Games can release more information about the expected GTA game at the same time.

 He also said that Rockstar's announcement had hints of GTA 6 I believe there is. 

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