New leaks suggest GTA 6 could have single-player DLC


Rockstar Games will be introducing single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto 6, according to a trusted insider. This is something  Grand Theft Auto 5 was sorely lacking. 

 Given the success and popularity of the DLC released for Grand Theft Auto 4, fans expected Rockstar Games to introduce his content in a single-player launch for GTA 5. But Rockstar didn't seem to anticipate GTA Online's incredible success. 

 Tez2 has been a trusted Rockstar Games insider for years, and he said that Rockstar Games plans to handle GTA 6's post-launch content like it originally planned for GTA 5. I replied to your comment on the GTA forums. The 

  does none of this. This means that GTA Online will no longer receive proper support. In addition to GTA Online, single player fans will also  enjoy a variety of post-launch content. 

 Tez2 says  Rockstar Games will gradually release new single-player DLC for his GTA 6  in the form of new cities and missions. Apparently, the first part of the DLC was planned well in advance of GTA 6's release, giving Rockstar plenty of time to focus their energies on other content after launch. Rumors suggest that GTA 6 will feature an evolving map with new cities and missions added over time. This further supports Tez2's claims. 

 This strategy seems to work best for Rockstar games as it allows  developers to keep track of resource management while introducing new content and GTA Online raids. 

 With Grand Theft Auto 6's release still so far away and  Rockstar Games' ability to close most of the leaks about the upcoming game, there isn't much credible information to share. Don't expect  GTA 6 to arrive before 2024-2025. 

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