Play console-quality games on iPhone with the Xbox RiotPWR controller


When I was younger and less responsible, I used to play games all the time. Gaming was my biggest hobby, starting with the first NES, followed by the first Xbox. During college, he also worked at EBGames. When I started having a family, I had to limit my hobbies and unfortunately quit gaming. Now that my kids are older, I have a little more time, but not enough  to invest in a game system. I tried Stadia, but it's limited to games. I recently played a few games on Xbox Cloud Gaming and the RiotPWR controller turns my iPhone into a great mobile gaming device. Let's see how to enjoy Xbox cloud gaming on iPhone. 

Why cloud gaming? Bottlenecks in the global supply chain have made the latest Playstation and Xbox consoles hard to find, even years after they were released. In some ways, buying a new $500 console every five to eight years seems wasteful. Just as cloud-based solutions enable over-the-air upgrades for email, music, and other SaaS, why can't gaming systems do the same? I truly believe that we will see Xbox and Playstation the same way we see Spotify. We're focused on low-end games right now, but with advances in technology, there's no reason you can't stream every game like  movies and music  in beta, but there are some games we were looking forward to. Halo games, Assassin's Creed, many  Battlefield series titles, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Fable, Fallout, Far Cry 5, and over 100 games, including several titles from your EA Play subscription. 

Apple's refusal to  submit the Xbox Game Pass app to the App Store, which includes the ability to launch all games, means  Microsoft is operating its Xbox Cloud Gaming service as a web app . Here's the problem: it works! Wouldn't a native app be better? Of course, but when I launched the game, it was  full screen and fast paced. I never  thought, 'I'm streaming these games.' It felt just like  playing  on  Xbox on  iPhone. 

RiotPWR Xbox Cloud Gaming Controller for iPhone 
If you've played on Xbox before, RiotPWR for the iPhone Xbox Controller will look pretty familiar. It looks and feels very similar to  current Xbox controllers and  I personally feel it's one of my all-time favorite controllers. With a holder, you can easily dock your iPhone. The Lightning cable powers the controller from your iPhone or iPad, so  no charging is required. The Xbox Game Pass web app immediately grabbed the controller  and  was playing the original Halo in no time. However, it is not limited to the iPhone. My kids  used it to play Roblox
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