Rockstar Copyright Strikes Could Point To Coming GTA 6 Reveal


Rockstar has issued numerous copyright infringement warnings to online creators in recent days. This is unfortunate, but it could mean that GTA 6 news is coming soon.

Rockstar Games has launched a series of piracy strikes against online creators, and it's not all bad news for Grand Theft Auto fans. The developer behind Red Dead Redemption and his GTA series issued his DMCA to online creators in the past before releasing new games. With news about GTA 6 teased as early as early 2022, it could mean that Rockstar plans to announce something about the title in the coming weeks.

Indeed, if the DMCAs serve as a sign for an announcement about a new game, then Rockstar has all but confirmed that news about GTA 6 will be coming soon with how strict it has been in enforcing its copyright. In August 2022, Mike Dailly - one of the original creators of the GTA series - shared that Rockstar issued copyright strikes against videos he posted of prototype content from the first two games in the series that he created. Such a decision by the game publishing company has come across as egregious to fans of GTA, but stirring up such a controversy about a game like the original GTA that is not available for digital purchase on any platform could just be a way to drag attention toward the company while also controlling the perception of its work.

See, Rockstar and Take-Two did almost the exact same thing leading up to and around the release of GTA: The Trilogy in late 2021, during which time they issued a slew of copyright strikes and DMCAs towards modders of GTA 3, GTA 4, and Vice City. This wanton targeting of fan creations for decades-old titles may have been the publisher`s method of clearing the playing field of competition while also stirring publicity around to remaster. With as many piracy strikes in 2022 as there are in 2021, Rockstar may repeat the process in anticipation of GTA 6's announcement.

Recent piracy strikes against online creators may also shed light on information about games. When Take-Two issued his DMCA to GTA 3 and 4 modders before the release of GTA: The Trilogy, it was Rockstar's way of drawing attention to improvements made to the game within or related to The Trilogy. recognized to be.

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