5 Best real-time strategy games for Android

5 Best real-time strategy games for Android 

Strategy games cover a rainbow of spectrums. A key part of this spectrum are real-time strategies, and this article takes a closer look at some of the best of them.

We've collected tons of fun mobile games for you, so stay tuned!

1.Mushroom Wars 2: RTS Strategy

Finally, a game that does not involve tanks or other heavy equipment. Mushroom Wars 2 is all about macro strategy rather than controlling individual units. Command legions of mushroom warriors to slowly occupy the map and victory is yours. But that is easier said than done. Your opponent might be the dastardly snake himself trying to make a strategic move you never thought was coming. In fact, you'll see it coming, but it may be too late to counteract it.

Mushroom Wars 2 has a cool, unique design and fun gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours.

2.Command & Conquer: Rivals™ PVP

Command and Conquer is one of the world's most popular real-time strategy franchises. Rivals is a unique twist on typical gameplay designed exclusively for his mobile device. We've removed a lot of the elements like map exploration and base expansion, and instead focus on combat.

You are in a small arena where you battle other players for control of three key points. If your unit controls at least two of his, your opponent's base will be quickly reduced to rubble. In Rivals, it's important to micromanage your units and pick the right lineup at the right time. The laps are fast and intense, perfect for making up for a few minutes of downtime.


As the name suggests, the action of The Expanse takes place on another planet. The graphics of the game are reminiscent of the original his StarCraft, as is the overall feel of the game. But don't expect the same level of depth and variety.

There are three different factions to choose from, but they're all human in this game, so they all look pretty much the same.It's not the most exciting or fast-paced game, but if you're looking for something traditional, The Expanse is certainly nostalgic. It will hit the wire!

4.Galaxy Reavers - Starships RTS

Coming back to sci-fi, in Galaxy Reavers the action takes place in space itself. The game is reminiscent of his popular MMO Eve Online, but is much simplistic and focuses on exciting battles between cool-looking spaceships. He can build fleets from any of eight different classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. With enough resources, each vehicle can be upgraded with equipment that best suits your playstyle. Then it's time to conquer the star system!

Galaxy Reavers' epic size and visuals make him one of the best mobile real-time spatial strategies to date.

5.RTS Siege Up! - Medieval War

Siege! is the newest addition to the world of mobile RTS games. To play on your iPhone, you'll need to download it from Apple's TestFlight program for early access software. Gameplay is very simple. Attack enemy bases or defend your own. Expand your base with the buildings you need and train the units you need to complete the task at hand. The graphics are blocky, but I'm happy with the overall design, in a good way. The game also includes a level editor that allows you to create your own maps and test your offensive or defensive strategies in various new scenarios.


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