How to get free Berserk Reptilia Blueprint in Free Fire MAX this week

In Free Fire MAX, the popularity of charging events is unmatched as the developers regularly add new events with exciting giveaways. These have become an integral part of battle royale titles, with one being available most of the time.

Garena has added a new event to the game, Instinct Bandana Top-Up. This allows the player to earn his 3 free rewards. Unlike previous events, the developer has raised the requirement bar even higher, setting the highest threshold to his 1000 diamonds.

The new billing event he launched on September 5th on the Free Fire MAX India servers will be available until September 10th. During this period, players can purchase diamonds to earn the following rewards

The three requirements are cumulative. Therefore, a total of 1000 diamonds must be purchased to receive all three rewards. Additionally, items in the event are considered free, as players must consume the purchased diamonds to receive rewards.

Steps to purchase diamonds and get the corresponding rewards

Users interested in using this Free Fire MAX recharge event can purchase diamonds and collect rewards by following the steps in the next section.

Step 1: First, launch Free Fire MAX and click the + icon on the top of the screen to open the charging panel.

Step 2: Several options will appear on the screen and players can select their preferred option.

Available options are:

Step 3: User can complete payment and get diamonds by pressing the button below the given package.

 Step 4: After Diamonds have been added to your account, you can access the Events section by clicking on the Calendar option.

Step 5: You can claim them by selecting the Instinct Bandana Top Up from the Events tab and clicking the Claim button next to the rewards.

Finally, you can equip a headscarf from the vault and a scythe from the vault. At the same time, they can use blueprints from the incubator in the Lac Royale area.

This event offers a rare opportunity for players who regularly purchase premium in-game currency, with the purchase of 1,000 diamonds rewarding valuable free blueprints. This basically makes it easier to get one of the Berserker Reptile Pack outfits from a running incubator. 

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