PLAY These Games if you are BORED | Top 10 New High Graphics Games For Android 2022

Hello Friends in today’s post I will be telling you about the top 10 New Android Games.

01. Project: Island

As the polar ice caps melt, the continents will gradually sink into the ocean and split up into islands. This new world called Islands World needs to be customized by the survivors. After floating across the ocean on a life raft, you reach the shore of a deserted island. The berries will fill your hungry stomach. Collect sticks and stones to craft the most primitive stone axe.

For the next two days, the meat of the charging boar must be preserved for food.

MODE : Online
Size : 850 MB

02. Project 56 

Project 56 is a game developed by Netease Games Global. The game Project 56 takes players to a place in a post-apocalyptic world. Find resources and trade your way to riches. Post apocalyptic survival starts with building your shelter. Will you come out with guns blazing or stealthily?

Do you want to be armed to the teeth or hold back? Depending on the tactic, it can be a matter of life and death! The loot is not yours until you make it out alive if you die in battle. There are thousands of possibilities when it comes to realistic mods and full customization.

MODE : Online

Size : 3GB

03. Horizon Chase 2

Horizon Chase 2 is the next evolution of the award-winning racing series. With fast paced and immersive gameplay, this arcade style game will satisfy your senses. Arcade racing has been brought back to life in a totally modern and evolved way. Don't forget to bring your crew to the race! Online chases allow you to play all game modes with your friends.

Join a team to progress together or compete against players from all over the world.

MODE : Offline

Size : 4.3 GB

04. Hero Z TPS

In this TPS game, players control Archer, a hero battling mutated creatures in an apocalyptic world. Through the use of advanced weapons, players can strengthen their talents, develop pets and finally challenge the ultimate BOSS.

SIZE : 500 MB
MODE : Offline

05. Time Raiders

Fight the undead and ghosts with a trusted team. Fight undead enemies, discover hidden treasures and authenticate them with your unique eyesight. The best team decides on victory or defeat. What weapon will you use?

MODE : Offline

SIZE : 1.6 GB

06. Car S: Parking Simulator Games

Car S: 3D car parking and driving, car racing and racing games, drift games and car simulator games. Play Open City Online free open world car game and own the best cars! Feel the fun in your bones with this driving simulator game! We have collected everything a car game enthusiast needs in one place. Drive carefully in traffic!

MODE : Online-Offline

Size : 120 MB

07. Modern FPS Military Strike

Welcome to the brand new fps navy capturing recreation with single-participant commando missions. Play the brand new commando soldier shooter recreation 2022 with many gangster strike games. This frontline commando movement recreation has shiny portraits and a melodic storyline with the intention to make your movement recreation greater interesting than this fps anti-terrorist recreation. This current shooter will take you on a brand new project of fun.

SIZE : 190 MB

MODE : Offline

08. Air To Air: Jet Shooter

A dogfight is a close combat between fighter planes. Take control of a fifth generation fighter jet and step into the cockpit. Escape from missile attack by throwing flares. Air-to-air missiles, air-to-surface missiles, fire the machine gun.

MODE : Online

SIZE : 240 MB

09. Fields of Battle 2

Fields of Battle 2 is a game developed by Super X Studios LLC. Here you fight with other players in a match. The last one standing in this game is the winning team or person. The graphics of this game are very interesting and you will fall in love while playing.

MODE : Online

SIZE : 200 MB

10. CRSED Mobile

With melee weapons, firearms, magical rituals and supernatural powers, CRSED Mobile is a brutal online shooter. Each champion has impressive super powers, like slowing down time or turning into a beast. The most picturesque corners of the earth. You can fight alone or with friends. Realistic weapons are the easiest way to take out enemies, but don't forget to use magic to your advantage.

Using your own extraordinary powers, you can draw sigils with your blood, perform ancient rituals, and hurl sacks of curses at your enemies. Set traps, summon zombies, flood the map, or block out the sun to escape a fight. To pay for magic in CRSED you must first collect the souls of sinners by killing enemies.

SIZE : 2.8 GB+

MODE : Online

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