Skyfall Chasers New Battle Royale Game Download For Android 2022

New Battle Royale Game

In this new competitive FPS, you and two friends compete against other players to gather resources. And reach a target score in 10 minutes. Play a console quality HD game on your mobile device with hero-based gameplay. Fast-paced battles and open-world exploration. Skyfall Chasers is a game where everyone fights for starlight, the most precious resource in the galaxy.

Hunters are key players in Starlight's lucrative black market, risking it all and reaping the rewards across lawless frontiers.

The Skyfall Chasers development team ensures a fair experience for all non-in-app players purchases. A free Battle Pass lets you unlock new hunters with unique abilities and personalities. The game has a streamlined interface and customizable controls.

Starlight is your goal, but how you win is up to you!

Starlight can be obtained by exploring the map and rummaging through crates and breakable items. Or you can steal it from your defeated rivals. You will be summoned again if you are killed. There will always be an opportunity for you. TRANSFER BAYS is a machine your Starlight can be safe in.

Which are scattered around the map if you don't want them stolen. You will be vulnerable while depositing your payload, so take care.

This game requires Android 7.0 or higher. The content rating is 12+.

Currently this game has 1000 downloads. This shows that it will become popular soon.

Skyfall Chasers Gameplay

Skyfall Chasers is so much fun. It reminds me of Team Fortress 2. In a mobile game, the gameplay is smooth and elegant. The variety of game modes is excellent, especially Mastery. Loading queues are usually quite long.

(You need Singapore ID to download from Playstore)

(also use VPN to open 3rd party link)

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