5 Easy-To-Use Fighters For MLBB Beginners

5 Easy-To-Use Fighters For MLBB Beginners

Mobile Legends (MLBB) players who choose fighters engage in melee combat and use offensive and defensive abilities to defeat their opponents. As the game progresses, fighters increase their damage and become more deadly. For those newbies who want to give these melee heroes a try, he presents five of the most accessible fighters in MLBB.


Admit it or not, Balmond is a consistent face of MLBB. He is one of the most effective and easy fighters for beginners. Bloody His beast can deal massive damage even against multiple enemies thanks to an obvious passive that heals while killing minions and enemies. His second skill is easy to use, has a short cooldown, can harass slow-moving targets, and is for continuous damage (damage increases the more times a target is hit). Convenient. Also, Balmond can clear minion waves faster than others. What makes Balmond good for beginners? He doesn't consume mana, can heal himself, and has a short cooldown on his second skill. Additionally, you can get Balmond for 6500 Battle Points (BP).


Bane has made quite a comeback that has fans excited! Frozen King is an excellent choice as it is strong from early to late and gives beginners a better chance to hold their own as they level up. His first ability has a ranged effect, while his second ability provides healing and movement speed.Bane's ultimate, his Deadly Catch, has multiple purposes.
You can defeat enemies, destroy the tower, push back the enemy.

Why is Bane suitable for beginners? Bain is an excellent fighter for MLBB beginners. His ability is to give users a variety of damage and recovery to survive in the game.


Prince of the Abyss is currently among the top 10 most popular heroes in MLBB. For beginners, Dairos' abilities are easy to understand. Its passive is user-friendly, providing both buffs and healing, helping the user to last longer in combat.Dyloth can also deal insane damage and lower a target's physical defense .

Why is Dyrroth suitable for beginners? Dyrroth has good burst damage, giving him an early edge in the game. It also boasts impressive HP regeneration, high mobility, and durability to help beginners survive long collisions.


Badan is another good fighter suitable for beginners. With patience and practice, new players can adapt to the famous strains of Badang:
"No one can escape my iron fist.", mainly due to that lethal skill his combo. Tribesman has good bursts and his DPS damage, and his second skill allows him to summon walls to trap enemies. Badan can also quickly clear jungle creeps to help you level up.

Why is Badang suitable for beginners? New players will find Badan well-suited for the fighter role with great bursts and DPS damage. Easy to use, defensive and reliable with crowd control features


Rounding out our list of easiest novice fighters is Aulus, the legendary battle-axe wielder. Warrior of Ferocity can do some serious damage and is a good starting point for your team. Auras is good for the fighter position as it can be a difficult matchup both offensively and defensively. It also has excellent maneuverability to capture and escape from enemies. Aulus' abilities are easy to use for new users and don't require complex combos to be effective in combat. What makes Aulus suitable for beginners? Aulus is easy to use and doesn't require complicated combinations. He has good mobility, Cloud he controls, and total his package with high damage.

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