After failing in-game driving test, 'GTA Online' players decide to resort to buses and subways

After failing in-game driving test, 'GTA Online' players decide to resort to buses and subways

While some GTA Online players are already looking forward to the eventual arrival of GTA 6, others want to enjoy all that Los Santos has to offer.

For those returning to the game after a few years, heists and nightclub sales might mean earning money by mercilessly going through his missions, but for others, it's pretty tough. It seems to involve RPG play.

This is certainly the case for his Reddit player who chooses to let his character stop behind the wheel of a car after failing an online driving theory test available online in the game.

Have you ever attempted out Los Santos' public transport?

Their unusual announcement is the challenge of a latest thread withinside the GTA Online subreddit which started with a publish with the aid of using the participant in question, person MotorDesigner, who shared a few photographs in their solutions to the quick quiz at the San Andreas DMV's website, plus the consequences screen, which knowledgeable them that that they had failed in instead impolite terms, captioning these:
“I took the San Andreas driver's licence test. I failed. Now I'm pressured to apply the bus in missions.”

They accompanied up this publish with the aid of using trying to set up a boost from certainly considered one among their fellow players, asking:
“Can a person provide me a trip to my bunker? It's in Paleto Bay however do not worry, I'll cowl the gasoline cost.”, though, unfortunately, none of them appeared up for it, with person ShaunVdV1986 advising the bad participant to “name a taxi.”

This easy education caused an extended communique in the course of which MotorDesigner mentioned their ineligibility for nearly each way of delivery in the sport that would not require them to power a automobile, with taxis, helicopters or even the concept of stealing a automobile being shot down.

Thankfully, person 2Gay2DriveStraight turned into capable of provide a probable answer which wasn't at once rejected, revealing:
“I honestly use the metro on this recreation and it is now no longer that bad. Really smooth to protect your self in opposition to griefers (except you are watching for a train) due to the fact you are in a shifting automobile that can not be blown up, and you could use huge weapons.”

On the other hand, many users were shocked by some of the more outrageous answers given in the multiple-choice theory test, leading MechaMouse to think:
"(I would appreciate it if you could answer the question) 'Who has priority when four cars are approaching an intersection at an intersection?' (and) 'I do,'" said Gaming Atlas. Jokingly:
"This test really explains NPC traffic."

Whether you plan to use the subway as your next heist getaway, follow along for updates to GTA Online and GTA 6, including new rides.

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