Can players download BGMI 2.2 update using APK file?

Can players download BGMI 2.2 update using APK file?

After the release of Update 2.2 for PUBG Mobile players on September 13th, players in India were eagerly awaiting the release of the update on BGMI as well.

In the face of such an epidemic, a number of YouTubers have uploaded videos highlighting download links to his APK files that he believes will help gamers update their games to the latest 2.2 version of his. This raised questions among players about whether the files should be trusted.

Within a year of its release, BGMI skipped many games and became one of the most popular BR titles among Indian gamers. The Krafton-developed title also had a huge eSports scenario.

But the game's meteoric rise was halted when the game was removed from Google and Apple's virtual stores on his July 28th. Both companies acted on orders from his MeitY, which accused the app of a possible data breach. Since the incident, Crafton has not integrated any new updates into the game.

A number of YouTubers have found specific links to APK files that claim to help BGMI users download the missing 2.2 update, even though it is not visible in-game. 

According to the YouTuber, these APK files will eventually redirect the player to her PUBG Mobile to download files from this variant and later he can add them to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

These APK files can be considered unreliable and inauthentic, as there is no other way to download updates from outside the Google Play Store, App Store, or official websites.

With the reintroduction of Cycle 3 Season 7 and Locked RP Areas, it has become clear that the 2.2 update will not be coming to the game anytime soon. 

YouTubers such as LuckyMan and Classified YT have said in videos that players may have to remain complacent with existing features (introduced in the 2.1 update) for the next two months.

This also suggests that players may not be able to experience his 2.2 update additions and play the entire 2.3 update.

Players should remember that a similar issue occurred a month prior to him during his RP bug 14 months ago when many YouTubers were suggesting links. 

Therefore, BGMI players should refrain from using links or APK files that promise to update the Indian version of the game to 2.2.

The in-game servers are still working and millions of players across the country play Battlegrounds Mobile India every day. 

Additionally, many popular YouTubers regularly stream their titles live, including Dynamo, Omega, NinjaJOD, Hector and Kani Gaming. 
However, the game has not yet resumed in the virtual store.

Meanwhile, Hrishav Bhattacharjee (CEO of War Mania) uploaded an Instagram story in which he wrote that the title will likely return in December as the servers will not be migrated. 
He added that players may not be able to experience his 2.2 update or make in-game purchases until BGMI returns.

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