Best Android Games of 2022

Best Android Games of 2022

Play the games you love with the best Android games available right now in your pocket.
Action games are often defined by what they are not and can take many forms. Rhythm, runner, arcade shooter, and more action-packed fun never ends.


This action-packed fighter from NetherRealm takes legendary DC superheroes and pits them against each other in a battle to save (or destroy) the planet. The first Injustice Mobile didn't have a story campaign like the console version, but that changed with Injustice 2. The first game takes place in an alternate universe just like the regular comics, with Superman taking over the world after getting lost in grief and dictatorship. Years later, Injustice 2 sees Batman rally the remaining heroes after Superman's regime is overthrown and another villainous group rises in their place. It's not a thing, but it maintains excellent combat gameplay. Collect a roster of dozens of popular characters and upgrade them with special powers to create a team that will be an unstoppable force against your opponents.

players can also compete in his 3v3 matches in various game modes. For all DC fans out there, or anyone looking for a great action game to pass the time on mobile, Injustice 2 is a no-brainer


Crash Bandicoot:
On the Run! Brings one of the most popular faces of early console games to mobile. Less platformers, more endless runners. On the Run! is the perfect pastime thanks to its fast-paced levels and easy crafting loops. Play as Crash and Coco reuniting with the Doctor. Capture the Neo Cortex mutant army.

Sidestep, slide, jump and spin your way through levels to avoid obstacles and get Oompa's fruits and items for crafting. A collection run is potentially endless and a great opportunity to stock up on the items you need to prepare the nitro-enriched bombs and serums you need for your battle run. There are minions and bosses scattered throughout the game, and more areas and enemies can be unlocked as you progress.

The most annoying part of On the Run. is a swarm of microtransactions, but what else do you expect from the creators of Candy Crush Saga? . As an added help, he can double the reward by watching an ad after the run. However, this has him a daily cap, so use your ads wisely.


Developed by the team behind Cytus II and Deemo, Implosion:
Never Lose Hope has been highly anticipated and we are happy to report that it has come to fruition. Intuitive touchscreen controls and a great user interface make this native mobile title fun to play on your own lawn.

Virtual joysticks control movement and virtual buttons control combat actions. The system is easy to understand and offers interesting versatility. Some hack-and-slash games can be completely brain dead, but if you're willing to tweak your loadouts and add a little more finesse to your strategy than just pushing buttons, this title is for you. can be enjoyed more.

The story is typical of his sci-fi fare and nothing amazing, but good graphics, fun gameplay and a fully voice-controlled cast make this ride worth a look. You can play the first few levels for free as a demo, then unlock the full game for just $1.99. This is a serious bargain for such a quality game. If you're looking for high-octane action, your search ends with Implosion:
Never Lose Hope.


My Friend Pedro:
Ripe for Revenge is the new mobile version of the My Friend Pedro series. After the success of the original My Friend Pedro on PC and consoles a few years ago, we're happy that the developer has brought a special brand of frenzied action to Android.

You play as an unnamed masked man, armed with several guns and his skills in serious parkour. For reasons unknown, a floating and talking banana is of no use to numerous gangs. Ripe for Revenge's control scheme is interesting. Instead of walking or running, your only movement options are jumps and short horizontal swipes. The goal here is to constantly move, build momentum, and hit enemies before they can react.

Flow and movement are the game's big draws, and the action has been described as 'arm ballet'. You tap to shoot enemies, but there's a bit of strategy built in, thanks to the fact that enemies shoot you on individual timers. This is because you only have 3 health, no shields, and no way to get your life back in levels.

Ripe for Revenge feels pretty good and offers entertainment elements, but can be frustrating for some players.Environmental hazards can be tricky to navigate and the level of challenge is average. It may exceed the player. That said, Ripe for Revenge is free to play so you can try before you buy. If you buy the full game for $2.99, it unlocks additional modes and the ability to restart progress at level checkpoints instead of going back to level 1 if you die.


For Crash Bandicoot:
On the Run! If it's too easy (and perhaps too monetized) for you, Ninja Chowdown is a great alternative to try.In this endless potential runner, You play as a donut. Donatsu is a humble donut shop employee and a ninja trying to reclaim Donut's precious Known Nut from the hands of a jealous rival.

In a 2D side-scrolling format, lead Donatsu through food-themed levels by jumping, dodging, throwing kunai, becoming Super his Saiyan (sort of), defeating enemies, and leveling up.

A simple game, but challenging and very satisfying to play. Ninja Chowdown is free, displays ads, and has his one-time in-app purchase with the option to remove all ads. A well-made game like this is worth a small buck.


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