Legendary Fighter: Battle of God Review

Legendary Fighter: Battle of God Review

Simple Dragon Ball Fun

Dragon Ball Legends is probably the first game that comes to mind when you think of Dragon Ball Z mobile fighting games. But the whole card system and tap, tap, blast, swipe may not be for everyone.Developed by OneStick, Legendary Fighter:
Battle of God offers a more traditional fighting game experience. It plays like a slower version of DBZ's classic Supersonic Warriors.

Z-Fighters' Broad Cast 

The developers have done a great job including characters from nearly every point in the franchise. The current list includes characters from Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, and even Dragon Ball Heroes. Most of his Z-fighters and villains from the original are here, but there are also some surprising hints. The developers included characters like Xeno Gotenks, Cumber, Bergamo, and even Xicor from Dragon bBall:
Next Future. It's clear that the people who made this game love the Dragon Ball franchise.

Although only a handful of characters are accessible at first, he already has over 50 characters in the entire roster. A certain amount of Z Coins is required to unlock each locked character. Some cost only 100 Z Coins while others go up to 30,000 Z Coins. Earn Z-Coins by playing 3 game modes, watching ads, and making purchases with money.

Battle of God's current cast of characters is relatively large, but there are some strange gaps. I have Android 18, but for some reason I don't have Android 16 and 17. Both semi-perfect and perfect cells are here, but not imperfect cells. Where are the likes of Nappa, Master Roshi and Bardock? Fifty characters, none of whom are members of the Ginyu Force, were able to make the final cut: Bergamo's brothers Lavender and Basil, as well as Pride, where are his Troopers?Gogeta's version Why isn't even one of his listed? It's a little strange to see a fanfiction character like Xicor here when so many fan favorite characters aren't playable.

Not a very good combat system

As you'd expect from a typical Dragon Ball fighting game, this one revolves around punches, kicks and ki blasts. Most warriors have special abilities such as teleporting, juggling enemies, and counterattacking. However, almost everything in this game relies on Ki, so it should be recharged almost all the time.

Characters in this game can be easily interrupted by basic attacks or Ki explosions. Most special abilities have long windups that enemies frequently pick up. In other words, you spent 50 Qi for free. In this game, characters can also block attacks, so they take no damage. If you decide to use a special ability after hitting an enemy with a combo, boosting the special ability often gives the enemy time to heal and block.

Also, for some reason, the developers didn't give many characters special abilities. As difficult as it is, special abilities are the most damaging moves, so unintentionally weakening a squad member in this way was a bad decision.

The AI ​​in this game is very cheap. This is probably best understood in terms of how teleportation works. Usually used to attack opponents and pin them in combos. In my case, teleporting is countered and the combo hits 8 of his 10. Even on easy difficulty, you can expect the AI ​​to laugh and punish attempts to teleport. I like difficult video games, but not when they're cheap. Also, some aspects of Legendary Fighter:
Battle of God feel cheap, especially the almost clairvoyant abilities of the AI.

Lots of Problems and Untapped Possibilities

Legendary Fighter has his four game modes.
Training, Bosses, Tournaments and Battles. Combat in this game is very simplistic, but training allows you to get used to playing a particular fighter. So if you know one, you know all. His other three game modes allow him to earn Z-coins by fighting AI and unlock more fighters. And there lies the biggest problem with Legendary fighters.
Battle of God. there's nothing to do The Google Play store description says there is a story mode, but there is no story mode. There's no live PVP yet either, so you can't fight other people.

The developers of Legendary Fighter:
Battle of God have done a great job with aesthetics and little things. The animation is great and everything from punches and kicks to ki charges and ki blasts sounds great. One of my favorite parts of this game about him is how Goku uses his instant transmission to teleport while everyone else has the default teleport his animation.

Technically, however, the game fails. The combat system has many flaws and the game mode gets boring very quickly. Legendary Fighter:
Battle of God could be one of the best Dragon Ball games for Android. But developers have a lot of work to do. Shenron's wish may help.

The worst culprit is simply boss mode. Piccolo is the first boss and has 10x HP. After that, having 1200 HP and fighting a boss with 70,000 HP is ridiculous.
Legendary Fighter Battle of God Piccolo Boss

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