Top 5 New Android Games Of The Month November 2022

Top 5 New Android Games Of The Month November 2022

1. Absolute Talent: Survival RPG

In The Mysterious Island, you're stranded on a deserted island that's not exactly a desert. Download the first of the Top 10 New Android Games of the Month for November 2022. While collecting raw materials and other necessary items, you discover a very scary man hiding in the bushes. The natives are proving to be hostile, so you'll need shelter and strengthen your chosen talents until they're perfect.As you collect wood and stone, build buildings and prepare to counterattack. . 

2. Backflip Road

Backflip Road is a game developed by Alexander Bukharev. Currently, the game has over 100 downloads, which shows that this game can become popular in a very short period of time. Marketing His team's tactics are very good and you will love playing this game. Jump from one country to another to win this game. There are many levels to play to compete against your previous high scores. The game has good graphics and the background music is melodic.
3.Bus Simulator City Ride

Bus Simulator City Ride is a simulation game developed by Sir Studios. This game makes you feel like a Bus Simulator City Ride driver. The game's advanced AI brings the experience to life by getting feedback from your passengers while driving. A new high resolution city map is displayed. You have to design your bus in your own way according to your game requirements. You can experience the real atmosphere while driving the car. A huge open world is created for you to test your driving skills.
4.Dead Island: Survival RPG

Dead Island:
Survival RPG is a survival horror game. This is the second part of the Dead Island game. On Dead Island:
Survival RPGs require players to explore parts of the sequel's world and fight multiple enemies with different movement patterns. You have access to short- and long-range weapons and a variety of characters.

Teams must consist of a maximum of 8 players. Everyone must work together to defeat the zombies. You will see many weapons used to kill zombies. It offers a new generation multiplayer experience. Dead Island:
Survival RPG is an open world game. Sports are played in l. An undisclosed third location in California, as opposed to the first game, which attacked Banoi Island off the coast of Papua New Guinea.The game's combat has different mechanics than its predecessor. Five
5.Restaurant Worker Simulator

Restaurant Worker Simulator is a game where you play as an employee whose main objective is to serve customers.
There is a wide variety of food in this game. Keep an eye out for what your customers want. You earn money by providing food. You will enjoy this game more than other game simulators.

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