All Things to Know about Phantom Blade: Executioners

All Things to Know about Phantom Blade: Executioners

Sword Up, Evil Down

Forbidden magic that has been gone for years has appeared. Evil powers can turn a martial arts student into a non-human and increase their power to the extreme - such supreme strength, fame, wealth, power, and desire, even at the cost of Already within reach is the sale of souls to the devil they fight for it.
Love, hate and greed come down to earth to feed this forbidden magic.
At this time, we have not been able to find out who the real enemy is. Raindrops are falling again.


Make difficult decisions to turn the tide of events. Would you lie to a girl looking for her father and tell her he's fine when he knows full well that she's not well? How about intervening between two rival brothers? The choice is yours.

Freestyle Skills and Killer Combos

During battle, the player can create different combinations of his chain of skills according to his preferences. Easily customize long chains, short bursts, and other abilities. To unleash an ability chain, you need to make sure the timing is right and that you can stack Phantom-Her bonuses on your character's unique abilities to enhance your attributes.

Phantom Bonuses and Stories

Phantoms are associated with characters and stories in the game, and each time you acquire or upgrade a new Phantom, Phantom Her Story is unlocked. By providing additional story context for each character, these phantom stories can influence decisions and affect how certain scenarios are played. 

Plenty of Loot

You can get gear and phantoms by winning battles. Gear attributes are randomized, allowing players to mix and match gear to suit their playstyle and aesthetics. You can get the long-awaited Singia in the Purge Dungeon. Clean your Sin Gear and make it even better. And most loot can be produced in battle.


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