Battlefield™ Mobile Beta Download for Android

Battlefield™ Mobile Beta Download for Android

Battlefield™ all-out war is now available on mobile devices. Gear up your squad and lead the charge with console-quality HD multiplayer FPS combat, superior team play, and genre-defining destruction in legendary modes like Conquest, Rush, and Team Deathmatch.

Bring it to the battlefield
- Intense PVP battles in epic Grand Battles
- Experience the explosive spectacle that Battlefield is famous for
- Bury your enemies under endless piles of rubble with tanks, rocket launchers and other equipment

Connect with friends
- Assemble your crew and dominate the competition in fast-paced PVP mode
- Strategize and command with intuitive touch controls
- Jump into your squad vehicle and gain the upper hand by destroying the battlefield with massive environmental destruction

Fight your way

- Choose your class from Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon
- Assemble your own loadout with weapons, class-specific gadgets, and more for all-out war
- Customize your weapons and gear with different skins, camouflages and more.

Destruction like no other

- Explore massive destructible 3D maps and war environments at a scale only Battlefield can bring to mobile.
- Recreate some of history's greatest battles with legendary maps from the Battlefield franchise.
- Approach each battle in a unique and creative way and relive those 'battlefield only' moments.

Participate in events and clear missions

- Complete daily and weekly goals to keep the game from getting old
- New unlockable content available to everyone. - Earn awesome rewards and show off your skills in battle.

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