Captain Tsubasa: Ace - Gameplay With Download Links

Captain Tsubasa: Ace - Gameplay With Download Links

"Captain Tsubasa:

Ace Showdown is a competitive, massively multiplayer online soccer mobile game endorsed by Yoichi Takahashi's animated adaptation of the same name, Captain Tsubasa. Equipped with, players can enjoy a multifaceted interactive experience.Reproduce the classic bloody duel of the original.

"Captain Tsubasa:

Ace Showdown" is a competitive multiplayer online soccer mobile game certified by Yoichi Takahashi's anime work of the same name "Captain Tsubasa". Kill skills, recreate the classic story of the original, experience different game modes and feel the thrill of football. duel.

Subsequent defense, dribbling, high pass... Every real-time online battle with other players can bring you the thrill and freshness of confrontation! Talent growth and a variety of unique development methods can help you enjoy the joy of growth and advancement in every duel!

Genuine IP authorization to relive childhood football memories

Official animation "Captain Tsubasa", the mobile game "Captain Tsubasa:
Ace Showdown" released by DeNA continues the classic animation settings and relives the heartwarming moments of passionate scenes! Jog everyone's memory of highlights from Tsubasa Oozora, Kojiro Hinata, Genzo Wakabayashi and more. Players will control these well-known classic players to gallop down the field, race to the football and strive to reach the top of the world!

Different duel competitive gameplay as you choose

The game offers two completely different football gameplay through different forms of competition to give you completely different dueling experience. In addition to matching and ranking with other players, controlling classic characters, real-time battles and fierce PK of operations and tactics, you can also collect many familiar characters and form your dream team. 11v11 dream team gameplay makes you feel different The thrill of football, start your own legendary football career!

Super complete lineup of popular players appearing one after another

Countless people have witnessed the growth of classic characters like Osora Tsubasa, Hyuga Kojiro, Misaki Taro, and Ishizaki from youth to youth. In the mobile game "Captain Xiaoyi:
Ace Showdown", they who have accompanied us in countless games will appear again. There are many powerful foreign players waiting for you to control them. Follow in the footsteps of many classic players and relive the history of football with classic characters like Tsubasa Ozora!

Classic HD restoration representation of past memories

In each game you have to do your best to fight!
"Ace Showdown" reproduces the plot of classic animation, the era of chasing dreams, the moment of beautiful youth, and various famous scenes are fully reproduced through his HD screen in the game, showing the past. Bring back the original heart and touch from Relive your childhood dreams. of football!


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