The best action games for Android

The best action games for Android

Action games are the most popular of all platforms. They're exciting, they'll keep you on your toes, and the win conditions are generally pretty easy... Also, action games include elements from different genres. Helps keep things fresh. The pace and difficulty of the game define action games more than anything else. There are well over 15 truly great action games for mobile, so it was a real challenge to come up with this list. Here are some of the best action games for Android. Let us know your favorite in the comments.

1. Ailment and Endurance

Ailment and Endurance are two roguelike shooters. The first game, Disease, puts the player on an abandoned ship with a horde of zombies. The goal is to make it through the ship, survive and find out what happened. Endurance is a prequel and takes place on the same ship before the disease event.Both games share similar mechanics, but Endurance is a bit more sophisticated, typical of newer games.

I really like what I see here. The game gets more and more intense as zombies shoot you in all directions. Controller support is a nice touch too. Unlike most other games, these games are premium. There are microtransactions, but they are completely optional. I have nothing more to say. Just fun games. 
2.Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is his one of the biggest releases of 2022. It's one of the most composed and sophisticated mobile shooters. Players team up randomly or with friends to face off against other teams. It uses battle royale mechanics, so when you die you are out of the game. The game doesn't last very long as the map shrinks over time. 60 players participate in a Battle Royale match.
3.Bullet Hell Monday series

The Bullet Hell Monday series is his one of the best shooters on mobile. It's a fairly traditional game played as a ship from a top-down perspective. Enemies fire a ridiculous number of bullets at you and you shoot back while dodging them. Each game has stages that the player must complete. Each stage has 4 difficulty levels and a leaderboard to see how you rank.

Stage difficulty increases significantly as you approach the end of the game. In general, the clear rate of any game is quite low. Other than that, the controls are solid, the ball patterns look great, and the colorful nature of the game makes it fun to watch. Never. 
4.Call of Duty Mobile Season 10

call of duty:
Mobile is a great online shooter. The biggest attraction is the 100-player battle royale mode, but there are also team deathmatches and free fights. The game is much more sophisticated than the old shooters. On-screen controls are very good. There is also controller support, but only for Xbox and Playstation controllers at the time of this writing. It looks good and looks good, so the player is also a feast for the eyes.

Pitfalls are typical of this game genre. It's all online multiplayer, so you can't play the game offline. It's also a one-trick pony that just loads into the game and shoots other players. We also suspect that the game may use bots if the lobby cannot be filled with real players.
5.Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a roguelike Metroidvania. Roguelike elements include starting over when you die, while Metroidvania concepts include large non-linear maps to explore. You play the role of a mysterious being trapped on a magical island that cannot die. The goal is to escape from a prison on a magical island, but death puts you back to the beginning. Players gain new weapons and upgrades while exploring, but lose everything when they die. Gameplay is 2D and surprisingly smooth on most modern devices. In combat, learn enemy patterns and fight them. This will let you know when to attack without taking too much damage. It can be a bit frustrating as new players often die in the early stages of the game while learning the mechanics of the game. However, as time goes on, you get out of the first part of the game and move on to more difficult ones.

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