The craziest anti-hero RPG-Wonder Heroes: Endless War

The craziest anti-hero RPG-Wonder Heroes: Endless War

"Do you really know Wonderland? Wonder Heroes tell the truth.
In order to heal this darkened world, you must summon the anti-heroes who live here and join forces to defeat true evil. In the Dark Forest, hundreds of anti-him heroes await your call for ultimate victory!

200 summons are now free in addition to new player rewards. If you also sign up for Wonder Heroes:7 Days of Endless War gives you big surprises to win glory in the Dark Forest!


> Create a customized virtual Alter Ego

Stand out from the crowd and customize your character's unique appearance before entering the game world. > Immersive Epic Arena
Wonder Heroes lets you fight in different multiplayer he arena modes with unique combat systems. This is a fully rendered 3D game with unique hero designs and amazing attack animations that you won't be able to stop playing. Combine heroes, use new tactics, and experience mega-games in epic battles over multi-skills.

> Hundreds of stylish antiheroes

His 100+ heroes of various classes and rarities await your command. Each has its own skills and upgrade system. In addition, it uses PBR technology to provide visualization that respects the laws of physics.

> Thousands of winning skills

Customize your skill strategy to dominate the battle. Experiment with different skill combinations and feel the visual impact of these amazing skill effects!

> Various intense bosses

Defeat powerful bosses and millions of warriors around the world to obtain legendary artifacts and explore the fantasy world of Darkness together!

>Discover darkness in minigames

Each hero has its own backstory. Advance through mini-games to open save gates and discover the mysterious connection between you and your heroes.


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