Best Survival Game IN 2023- Project EVO

Best Survival Game IN 2023- Project EVO

Project EVO is the first mobile survival game developed with Unreal Engine 5. It is scheduled to be released in 2022.

The world has been destroyed. Raid for glow, fight for survival!
In this open world called Emberland, your only goal is to survive... until the end. Danger lurks around every corner and everyone wants you dead. You have to face the cutest competition - not only against all sorts of mutants his creatures, but also against hundreds of other desperate players. Remember, hook or bend or whatever! But staying alive is always the goal of the game. Ember light will show you the way. Embark on this amazing journey now!


Explore a vast open world and meet random chance

Traverse deserts, forests, snowfields, mountains, ghost towns and uncover this amazing, immersive post-apocalyptic world accompanied by an incredible real-time weather system. When you encounter determined enemies and terrifying creatures that tear you to pieces, you can be sure that every adventure will always bring you something new and unexpected! Explore this vast world and have fun!

Survive and gather resources from hostile wilderness

Surviving here is a never-ending challenge. Staying healthy requires keeping an eye on your body metrics while gaining resources through farming, crafting, cooking, and even killing. Empowering yourself is key to ensuring that you overwhelm potential opponents. There is no room for mercy here. Because everything wants you dead. Be prepared to sneak into other survivors' shelters or ambush them. Obtain valuable resources and destroy everything they have built to stop their revenge. 

Unlock shelters and design them strategically

Life here is tough. A survivor always needs a home. Build your shelter anywhere from scratch and customize it to your liking down to the last detail. But in the meantime, the basic design has to be very strategic. Location, consumption costs, sturdiness, upgrades, construction, security setup, and all other factors must be considered in advance to ensure your safehouse is not ambushed by other ruthless survivors. Otherwise, at some point you may unexpectedly have to start over. 

Unite wisely and beware of ambushes

Hundreds of players gather in this massive online world. Teaming up with other survivors is always a good idea in order to be the last survivor alive.But, as in any survival story, are the "friends" you meet here loyal companions, or I don't know if they're just waiting to prey on you. Be careful when sharing absolute access to your base. Beware of ambushes. The key to survival to the end.

Compete fairly with other players and win with skill

Tired of terrible rewards for winning mobile survival games? It's time to show your true skills! In order to deliver the most original survival experience, we aim to add no unfairly purchasable perks to Project EVO. Skill and effort in the game are the only factors that matter. Win with skill, not wallet! Keep the embers burning and stay alive.


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