Pacifix War Iwo Jima:WW2 fps Android Download- GameEXO

Pacifix War Iwo Jima:WW2 fps Android Download- GameEXO

Pacifix War is a tactical multiplayer online first person shooter set in modern warfare. Engage in intense and exciting enemy encounters in the Pacific region, working together with teammates to use firepower to overwhelm and overrun your opponents. Choose the perfect build for you from an arsenal of weapons, deploy vehicles, use tanks, artillery and more to gain the upper hand.

Team-Based Multiplayer Online Battles

Take to the battlefield with up to 40 players in two main game modes. Tactical Operations (20 vs. 20) Find ways to kill the most enemies to score points and win in fast-paced combat.

All-Out War

Fight with all weapons at your disposal. As a ground infantryman, you can drive tanks and vehicles and use artillery to take out enemies at maximum scale.

Fight Through

Choose from an extensive arsenal of vehicles, tools, drones, artillery and air raid support. Pick the gear that's right for you and customize your build with hundreds of unique weapon components and skins. Their vehicles, tactical gear, and uniforms can all be customized to make them stand out on the battlefield.

Real War

Fight in stunning environments with realistic geography and incredible detail.


Every shot counts. Enjoy realistic gameplay features such as advanced ballistics, full-body awareness, vehicle physics, and various customization options. It makes the gaming experience more immersive without sacrificing combat.


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