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JANUARY 19, 2022

Leonicorn Swap is pleased to announce the debut of its Initial Jungle Offering (IJO) launchpad platform, which is a next-generation AMM and a dual token decentralized exchange. According to the statement, the IJO launchpad platform was launched on January 14, 2022, in collaboration with Annihilation, Crisis Entertainment's play-to-earn multiplayer gaming platform.

Annihilation is an Android-based mobile game that depicts key future and previous conflicts. The game pits players against one another in season-based battles for cosmetics, weaponry, and character skills and powers.

The IJO, for example, employs a basic stake for allocation scheme, requiring users to purchase LEON, Leonicorn Swap's native token. The user will be obliged to stake the tokens for a minimum of 30 days after purchasing them on the DEX's restricted staking feature.

Annihilation is the first project for Leonicorn Swap's Launchpad (IJO) area, thanks to the cooperation. Eligible users (those who have completed the staking period) must commit BUSD equal to their locked LEON tokens in order to participate in the event. After they've completed the process, they can buy ANCE tokens, which are Annihilation native tokens. Following the IJO, ANCE holders will be able to invest in Leonicorn Swap's many investment options, including as farming pools. This paves the way for Leonicorn Swap to form strategic relationships with a variety of new enterprises.

Leonicorn Swap's IJO launchpad is designed to give users two options: a Basic Sale and an Unlimited Sale. Both of these choices are active at the same time, with Basic Sales receiving 20% and Unlimited Sales receiving 80%. The Basic Sale option allows users (especially small investors) to compete for an allocation in a fair manner. All users, however, are free to select one of the two alternatives. The platform will transfer prospective IJO tokens and unused BUSD tokens to users once the sale is done. The Basic Sale does not require a participation fee and has a cap of $100 in BUSD. The Unlimited Sale, on the other hand, is subject to a participation charge but allows users to contribute any amount of BUSD.

Leonicorn Swap is now working on launching its multi-chain prediction markets, which will be included to the IJO launchpad. The multi-chain prediction market, the first of its kind, will allow users to participate in fascinating, fast-paced price prediction marketplaces. This feature consists of a game in which players are challenged to forecast the prices of a specific item within 5 minutes, with the user who makes the correct prediction winning. At debut, the game will accept ETH, BNB, and MATIC. Leonicorn, on the other hand, intends to add more tokens to the list in the coming days.

Leonicorn Swap, which was launched in 2021, still has a long and comprehensive plan. The project will include a cross-chain NFT marketplace, Leonicorn Royals NFT, autostake and smartstake NFT surprise boxes, user-deposited funds insurance, a Venture Capital Arm, and much more.


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