Free Fire MAX September Elite Pass leaks: New outfits, start date, and other rewards revealed


When it comes to buying cosmetics in Free Fire MAX, the Elite Pass is really the maximum low cost option. It consists of at the least  one-of-a-kind outfits, some of jackets, one-of-a-kind skins, and greater content material at a fragment of the authentic cost.

However, the byskip isn't to be had without spending a dime and may most effective be .bought with diamonds. Even after spending a top class in-recreation currency, gamers nonetheless want to finish missions, earn badges, or without delay buy them to get admission to the rewards

Free Fire MAX Season fifty two Elite Pass might be launched on September 1, 2022, and might be to be had for the complete bundle. The builders will even offer game enthusiasts with an choice to pre-order the byskip some days prior, i.e., round August 29, 2022, in which game enthusiasts will even get hold of extra cosmetics.

The byskip fee is predicted to stay the same, and the Elite Pass at the Indian server will set gamers again via way of means of 499 diamonds. In comparison, the Elite Bundle fees 999 diamonds, and this fee will range relying at the server that gamers are on

Generally, leaks for any byskip pour in some months in advance of its release. Here is a leaked listing of some loose in addition to paid rewards which are predicted to be part of the Free Fire Elite Pass Season fifty two in September:

  • Sports Car – Metal Jaws at 0 Badge
  • Ocean Beast Avatar at 5 Badges
  • Shark Fright Avatar Avatar at 10 Badges
  • Jaw Smile Jacket at 15 Badges
  • Death Tooth Banner at 30 Badges
  • Hungry Fishy T-Shirt at 40 Badges
  • Megan Tuanter Bundle at 50 Badges
  • Kar98k – Apex Underwater at 80 Badges
  • Fright Bite T-Shirt and Ocean Runner Skyboard at 100 Badges
  • Shark Fright Banner at 115 Badges
  • AUG – Apex Underwater at 125 Badges
  • Death Tooth Avatar at 135 Badges
  • Ocean Monster Banner and Metal Jaws Loot Box at 150 Badges
  • Flesh Devourer Parachute and Grenade – Flesh Devourer at 200 Badges
  • Hollow Swallow Backpack and Megajaw Tormentor Bundle at 225 Badges
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