GTA 6 Characters and Protagonist Leaks !!

 GTA 6 Characters and Protagonist

For those who are wondering, here is all the information we have about  GTA 6 characters:

Who will be the new GTA 6 protagonist?

The introduction of  three simultaneous characters (Michael, Franklin,  Trevor) instead of one in GTA 5 is widely considered to be a good creative decision by rock stars. It introduced a new pace in the game and gave the character its own unique dynamics. 

This raises the question-will the next article go this way? 

GTA 6 Map and Location Leaks!

Here are some of the top rumors about GTA6 characters from what we've collected so far: 

Rumor has it that Grand Theft Auto 6  actually has four playable characters! Of these four, two want to be gangsters (familiar with the GTA protagonist), while the other two are cop (inspired by many GTA online players who role-play as cop and bring a fresh approach. It has been). 

However, according to another source, the game only features one protagonist named Ricardo, even though all  GTA 6s leak about four playable characters. 

These rumors contained more than just  GTA 6 characters. A brief description below. 

One thing to note is that links to these sources are no longer very useful. The 2019 Reddit post  by JackO Lantern1982 has been removed and the Fireden link is no longer working. 

Fortunately, we were able to get a summary of all this information.

GTA 6 Map and Location Leaks!

4chan Threads with Grand Theft Auto VI Leaks

Prior to the GTA 6 map leak above, 4Chan had two threads  where users could see specific GTA 6 map locations (Whitewater, Daytona Beach, Florida Key, etc.), activities (Plastic Surgeon, etc.), and pointers. Was talking about. Go to the game plot. This matches the GTAVI map that was subsequently leaked. 

Finally, they also talked about some aspects of the game that fit well with what we know from the latest information on modern settings. 

It is said that there are  equivalents of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in the games in which the main characters work. In fact, the environment will ultimately change depending on who the player chooses. The 

user explained: There is an ongoing feud between the Mask and Bezos characters over a government-owned launch pad (or space station). This point of interest is very important for each space company. 

If you ask us, it's a bit exaggerated, but the next part may be true:

GTA 6 Map and Location Leaks!

At the beginning of the game, the player chooses between  male and  female characters. Male characters begin in  South American cities, and  female characters begin in Florida City (also known as Vice City). 

After some missions, these characters crossed each other, the game switched to  other characters, and players gained access to the entire map.

GTA VI Project Americas Leak (JackOLantern1982)

This is a summary of what the  deleted Reddit post stated that the GTAVI codename was Project Americas. The location of 

Project Americas is consistent with rumors of a location in the Americas. That is, it is set in another location based on Vice City and  Rio de Janeiro.  Apparently, this part has been in development  since 2012, but production didn't really go well until 2015 due to the high priority of Red Dead Redemption 2  at the time. Linear missions set in Liberty City were not included. There is no possibility of exploring freely. The same was seen in GTA 5 on a mission in Ludendorff. 

The game is set in the 70's and 80's and features the aforementioned male protagonist  Ricardo. 

GTA 6 Map and Location Leaks!

Ricardo was apparently starting from the bottom of the drug cartel, climbing the corporate ladder and working as a cocaine smuggler between Vice City and the new South American city. 

One of Ricardo's employers is said to have been the famous Mandrazo family. There is a young Martin Madrazo and his father, who was a notorious drug trafficker at the time. Another protagonist mentioned was a person named Kasey. There were many GTA6 rumors that the 

developers were strongly influenced by the Netflix show Narcos and wanted to bring such and detailed stories into the game with lots of dialogue (most TV series). Rich soundtrack and everything.

They were also supposed to implement "chapter" in the RDR2 stream. In addition, the leak mentioned hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters as the main focus of the game. 

There was talk of games playing in both the 70's and 80's, implying that there might be a time warp at some point in the story. This change affects the game in many ways. 

For example, GTA 6 cars, car prices, buildings, and even soundtracks change over time. Creating a complex and vibrant economy seems to be what Rockstar really wanted to develop in this part. 

The last two important details about the drug empire and the complex economy are well linked to the next supposed aspect of the game, the building of the drug empire. This mechanism is somewhat similar to what you've seen in GTA Online or Vice City Story, but seems to be much larger. An interesting change in gameplay is that players couldn't always carry 12 weapons and armor and could switch between them on the fly, but only to switch whether they could carry their own person. Will come from the fact that it wasn't (eg primary rifle and  secondary pistol are our guess).

GTA 6 Map and Location Leaks!

When it comes to weapons and equipment, they are stored in the trunk of a personal vehicle where players have access to their weapons and vests. Unlike previous GTA games, the vest is also  visible when worn. 

This approach to the weapon may sound restrictive at first, but Rockstar clearly seeks a balance between realism and arcade elements. 

Despite all these alleged information, the game was still in the pre-alpha phase. This means that even if most of the information here is true at the time, it can change significantly during the development process. 

Some of this also sounds like a fan theory applied to GTAVI, removing some mechanics from RDR2.

GTA 6 Map and Location Leaks!

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