GTA 6 New Main Character Found Officialy By Rockstar !!!


GTA 6 New Main Character Found Officialy By Rockstar

Another R* actor's CV resume found. Edward Hong. On the top it says 'NDA (AAA Video Game) NDA NDA'. It is probably likely GTA 6. On the bottom it says 'Grand Theft Auto V (AAA Video Game Additional Voices Rockstar Games'.

This week, there are some rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6  showing a huge accumulation of rock stars, indicating that you need to get used to the game. I think it will be teased for the first time in about a year, but then the hype will run wild and there will be no contact from other times. But ... what if  people don't do what they expect? 

 I think many fans underestimate the difference that Dan Houser makes when he leaves Rockstar Games. Not only was he the co-founder of the company, he was also the main author of all their games. He tuned in, wrote the words we all loved, and when he left, he took a lot of people. The 

  Rockstar has so few games that it's impossible to determine what would happen without it (his last game was Red Dead Redemption 2) and the answer is so good. May not be. Especially before Dan left, he said he thought recent events were living real life beyond satire, so I'm worried about what his understudy would be if he couldn't. 

 Also, given how open world games have evolved since GTA 5 was launched, there is also the question of exactly how to enhance the GTA experience. Definitely the graphics will be better and the open world will be bigger, but where can you really go in gameplay? Looking at GTA Online, it's been updated for years, yet everything is always a strange and unrealistic novelty. 

 They sometimes add new areas  like Casino Island, but when it comes to what to do, they seem to have run out of new ideas and relied on sci-fi vehicles and mashups of strange genres like this micro. Machine clones have been thrown back for several years. 

 Hopefully they have all the really cool ideas for the sequel, but I don't know,  GTA Online has some great new ideas that can't wait to see in a new single player game You'll think you've come up with it all the time, but uh, unless you count the flying bikes, I can't think of anything. 

 I'm not going to be pessimistic, I just want to be realistic. When the game is about to be released, fans will be hooked and it will be impossible to get a real perspective on it. I think it's good, but I also hope that there are no free tickets due to the long waiting time. 

 Of course, this is all speculation, but in a sense it already has an answer. What if GTA 6 doesn't give very good results? People  buy it anyway, pretend it's good, and later admit it is. That's exactly what happened in GTA 4, and it's not an objectively  good video game at 

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