GTA 6 New Vehicle Leaks !!

 GTA 6 New Vehicle Leaks

GTA 6 Online Multiplayer

GTA Online is one of Rockstar's most profitable titles, if not the most profitable. With all the possibilities of 

 single player play, you can only imagine how far the GTA online experience will be pushed in the next version. It's quite possible that the 

GTA VI will serve as a "playback" guide for GTA Online for next-generation consoles.  What happens to GTA Online with 

GTA VI? What's next for GTA Online? The multiplayer side of GTA 6 is still  in the air: What happens to GTA Online when Grand Theft Auto 6 goes on sale? 

Rockstar basically sees GTA Online as its own game, but you have to play Grand Theft Auto V. To date, Rockstar is still adding new GTA online vehicles and customization features. And given the great success  GTA Online has proven, there is no doubt that it will somehow continue  as part of Grand Theft Auto VI.

Will GTA Online's current iterations be carried over to GTAVI, or will players have to start over? If so, what is the new multiplayer experience  called?  "GTA 6 Online", "GTA Online 2", or something else entirely? The GTA 6 version of 

GTA Online has the potential to be an expanded world that  includes GTA 6 locations, as well as GTA 5 San Andreas and GTA 4 Liberty City. The recent news that the  

 GTA Online 2021 will be released as a standalone version of the PS5 and Xbox Series X / S has sparked new speculation about the next article. 

All of these questions remain unanswered for now, but I hope more details about both the online and single-player parts of Grand Theft AutoVI will be revealed shortly.

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