GTA 6 Will Reportedly Feature a First Female Playable Character, and Add New Cities Over Time


Grand Theft Auto 6 will reportedly function a girl playable man or woman in its marketing campaign for the primary time. Rockstar seemingly plans to release the sport with a unmarried city, however upload extra places over the years thru updates.

As a part of a file on Rockstar through Bloomberg, reassets near the studio mentioned the brand new girl man or woman, who might be Latina. The man or woman will reportedly be a part of a couple of financial institution robbers in a tale stimulated through actual-existence criminals Bonnie & Clyde.

Female protagonists have formerly most effective been to be had as custom characters in GTA Online, by no means in the sport's unmarried participant campaigns. Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser (who has considering that left the organization) formerly indicated the organization changed into considering a girl lead as a ways lower back as 2013. [Update: The first Grand Theft Auto game featured female playable characters - this would mark the first in the 3D GTA series as we know it today]

The file additionally suggests that the release model of GTA 6 will start with fictionalized Miami and surrounding areas (probably a go back for Vice City), however might be up to date with "new missions and towns on a ordinary basis". That release model seemingly already consists of extra indoors places than any GTA sport formerly.

Per the file, the sport is codenamed Project Americas because of its unique plan to encompass large territories primarily based totally on North and South America – a plan that changed into scrapped in component to lessen crunch for personnel.

Sources say that builders on the sport are sceptical approximately predictions for a release among April 2023 and March 2024 because of a couple of adjustments at the group and bottlenecks in production. Some builders are even stated to have end because of a loss of development on the sport lately. Developers at the group reportedly assume the sport to be as a minimum  years away, and say that no corporation launch date has been set internally.

However, a great deal of the file makes a speciality of modern adjustments at Rockstar in current years, which includes a extra inclusive workplace culture, a focal point on lowering crunch, a elimination of abusive managers, conversion of contractors into full-time personnel and a restructure to enhance running conditions. Morale is stated to be better on the organization as a result, and one supply stated Rockstar changed into “a boys’ membership converted right into a actual organization.”

The file additionally factors to a extra modern attitude on the organization in narrative terms, too. Bloomberg says that a mode known as Cops 'n' Crooks changed into shelved earlier than launch following the 2020 police killing of George Floyd, and has now no longer been taken into consideration for launch considering that. The organization is likewise specializing in making fewer jokes in GTA that 'punch down' at marginalized groups.

After years of rumours, GTA 6 changed into eventually showed this year, however extra authentic information will apprently most effective be launched while Rockstar is ready, now no longer while its proprietor Take-Two requests it. Rockstar is stated to have moved extra builders onto GTA 6 lately having scrapped remasters of Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4.

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