GTA Online update finally lets you fight back against griefers without penalty

 The new GTA Online update tackles griefing in a couple of big ways

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

A new GTA Online update tackles the ever-present issue of griefing in a number of potentially impactful ways.

Launching alongside the big Criminal Enterprises update on Tuesday, July 26, the patch includes a laundry list of general gameplay changes as requested by players via the GTA Online feedback website(opens in new tab). Crucially, a few of these changes are aimed squarely at minimizing the impact of griefers on other players, and they sound like genuinely meaningful improvements.

When the update goes live, players will no longer have to shell out money when they destroy another player's weaponized personal vehicle, which means you can finally defend yourself against griefers without penalty in those instances. 

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