The Best Battle Royale Games 2022

The Best Battle Royale Games 2022

Battle royale games have evolved from a collection of niche mods to one of the largest genres of all games. Blockbusters like Fortnite and PUBG have recently added Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, and dozens of other battle royale games that have made the genre  mainstream.

The formula is easy to understand. Dozens to over 100 players enter the map and compete to become the last standing player (or team). The safe zone on the map usually shrinks during gameplay, forcing  players to fight each other. As battle royale  expanded, many games  introduced their own twists, such as the power of heroes, spells, and the ability to revive fallen teammates. 

This is the best battle royale game to play in 2022.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends combines the HeroSquad Shooter and LastMan Standing formulas with a new system that enables excellent microphoneless communication (important when playing with strangers on the team) and the resurrection of dead teammates. Respawn continues its tradition from the Titanfall series of great player movements and exciting weapons, and the hero roster  has grown since its launch. New maps, modes and seasonal events have also been added. In our opinion, battle royale is better than ever.


Epic Games isn't afraid to try crazy modes like 50v50, make frequent and sometimes mysterious changes to the map,  and add Marvel superheroes for planes and everything. Surprisingly,  one of the most popular games to date still includes a no-build mode that exactly removes what drove it. I don't think the amazing breakthrough experiment will stop  soon.


This is a surprisingly successful translation of Call of Duty's famous close-quarters combat into a large battle royale of 150 people. Warzone slims down Battle Royale's boring looting system and prioritizes loadouts with a focus on shooting skills and backpack disposal. It also adds a great twist to the Battle Royale formula with The Gulag, a one-on-one battle pit where dead players fight for a second chance to return to the map with their team.


There are no guns here, but there are plenty of fireballs, electric bolts, and poisonous gas. Spellbreak sets itself apart from other battle royale games by using magic instead of regular guns and shotguns. Players choose a character class, combine spells, equip magical equipment, and defeat their opponents in this creative and colorful  battle royale. Cast spells at your enemies and combine their effects to make catastrophic attacks that will beautify your art and effects.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt

How can I update the Battle Royale genre in 2022? How about  adding 45 vampires? The movement allows it to disappear into the smoke or slide up the wall. You can also replenish your health and earn other buffs by drinking the blood of NPC citizens. And don't worry, these vampires still have many traditional weapons. Intense gunplay blends nicely with powers such as force push and invisibility. Happy hunting.

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG quickly overshadowed the (at that time) popular battle royale game H1Z1 in 2017 and became a battle royale game to win. Still, it attracts hundreds of thousands of players every day. Recently, a first person server has been added  for players who prefer a more realistic experience. Since its launch, you can expect new modes, weapons, vehicles, and  more maps to be added all the time.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Unlike the direct violence you would expect from a battle royale game, the physical humor of Gang Beasts is like meeting Ninja Warrior. 60 players will compete in 5  rounds full of obstacles until  only one remains. It's so much fun and so cute. It started on Steam, but will be available for free  on the Epic Games Store in June.

Naraka: Bladepoint

Martial arts battle royale feels like a fresh and coveted twist in this genre. 60 players armed with grappling hooks engage in close-quarters combat with swords, spears, fists and sometimes giant chainsaws. The animations are fast, weightless, the movements are enthusiastic and fluid, and unlike almost every other battle royale, the character creation tools are top notch.

Super Animal Royale

Don't be fooled by their appearance. These adorable forest creatures are ruthless. 64 animals fall on the map from behind a giant duck and go to war. There are not only traditional weapons like rifles and grenades, but also stupid weapons like giant hamster balls. As you play, collect new kinds of animals and cosmetics that you can use in future games. A great game for beginners in battle royale. Combat can be very tense, but it's still a fun and easy experience. It's sweet again!

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