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The gas station simulator aims to refurbish, expand and operate gas stations along the highway in the middle of the desert. Freedom of choice and multiple approaches to running a business and dealing with pressure are key elements of this game. 

 Buy an abandoned gas station in an empty space and return to its former glory. Remove debris and broken furniture, repair walls, and paint and decorate locations to your liking. Don't spend money on  looks right away. After all, I bought a gas station. Repair your device, buy something that can't be repaired, serve your customers, and make money for further refurbishments and improvements. 

 You don't have to stay small. You can expand your gas station to  serve more customers. Also,  gas stations don't just sell fuel. We can expand the range of services we offer to our customers and  attract more and more different customers.  You have access to a variety of expansion options, from small ones that provide toilets to large ones like  entire workshops for car repairs and car washes, from simple stores to make up for your income. There are several options, and most extensions can  be further extended on their own. There are many things you can do here. Restoring a 

  gas station and adding a personal touch to it are two different things. The game offers a wide variety of options for customizing what you have already built and lots of decorations to further enhance the uniqueness of the place. Some decorations are available for purchase, but others must be obtained during gameplay.  It doesn't just make the gas station look good. The more impressive the gas station looks, the more customers you can attract. 

 Taking care of customers is the key to a successful gas station operation. They are all hoping that their car will be full of petrol and shopping will be done soon, and they are not very patient  when it comes to car repairs. You face considerable time pressure during busy hours and need to schedule different tasks during less busy hours. Proper time management and proper priority selection are critical to customer satisfaction. 

 You can try it, but in most cases it's too much to run a service station that has been expanded and modernized to offer a variety of  services to its customers. Employees play an active role here. You can also hire  multiple workers to help  with  various tasks at the gas station. Employees have their own skills, and some tasks are better  than others. Employees also level based on the tasks they perform and improve it over time. 

 You can't sell what you don't have. Keeping track of your inventory is important, and ordering at the right time and at the right price will help you maintain high profits.

To further take advantage of low-priced opportunities, warehouses can be built and expanded to allow for larger storage space. Careful monitoring of inventory is very important, as delivery takes time and you don't want to run out of fuel, let alone goods to sell. 

 We designed the game so that if you want to dig deeper into management functions and life, you can get out of what you know. However, if micromanagement is not yours, we are not forcing you to dig into the depths of it. That  said, fine-grained control of some aspects of supplies, employees, etc. can be very rewarding, both economically and enjoyably.

Not recommended at this point. The game is very promising, but both my fiancé and I (purchased at the same time and have the same  play time) have encountered a huge number of bugs. 
 We both have high-end machines and the latest drivers. 

 Some errors: 

 -Crash when selecting a large number of items 

 -Delivery trucks get stuck more than 400 meters away and don't move after game over or  traffic reset 

 -Crash when checking out a customer 

 -Crash while painting 

 -Employees arbitrarily quit their jobs before they need a break 

 -Employees get caught in things and can't work or move, but it still costs money 

 -Items such as tires, batteries, oil, mirrors, scratch repairs will disappear to the ground 

 -Delivery truck departs without delivering supplies

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