Hari Scar’s Free Fire MAX ID, stats, headshots, earnings, and more


Hari Scar is a famous YouTuber from India who creates content focused on the  Garena Free Fire game. In recent years, he regularly uploads unique videos and streams Battle Royale titles in Tamil. 

Celebrity is best known for her gameplay and  recently surpassed her 1 million subscribers on YouTube. At the time of this writing, Hari Scar has 1.01 million subscribers and  

views on his platform respectively. Hari Scar's Free Fire MAX ID is 476416701. He is the leader of "HS⚡ESPORTS" - the guild with ID number he is 3003303029. 

Content Creator is now Diamond II in  Battle Royale mode and Heroic in  Clash Squad mode. Here are his in-game stats: 

Hari Scar has played 503 solo his games and achieved his 30 wins with a win rate of 5.96%. He has  941 kills and 327 headshots with a 1.99 K/D ratio  and a 34.75% headshot percentage. 

765 appearances, 79 wins against duos, 10.32% winning percentage. He has his 1110 flags and his 231 headshots with a K/D ratio of 1.62 for him and a headshot percentage of 20.81% for him. 

players participated in 8247 team games and defeated their opponents in the 2050 games, resulting in a 24.85% win rate. He has achieved 16,358 eliminations and his 5,220 headshots while maintaining his  K/D ratio of 2.64 and his headshot percentage of 31.91%.  In the current ranked season of 

games, Hari Scar has participated in 13 teams his games and recorded 1 victory. As a result, his winning percentage was 7.69%. He has his 30 kills and 9 headshots, with a K/D ratio of 2.50 and a headshot percentage of 30.00%

. There's Fire MAX's Clash Squad mode, with 3778 bouyers and  a 61.51% win rate. With 34315 kills and he has 18307 headshots, he has a KDA of 1.71 and a headshot percentage of 53.35%. 

Note: Hari Scar's Free Fire MAX stats are as recorded at the time of writing (08/23/2022). They can change as he plays more games. 

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