5 Best Sandbox Games For Android

5 Best Sandbox Games For Android

There are so many different types of games on the market today. One of them is his sandbox game. Sandbox games are fun and stand out from the rest. The gameplay in games like this focuses less on mechanics and design, and more on creativity to complete the game.

Sandbox games have no quests or goals, and players are completely free to do what they want in the game world. If you haven't tried a sandbox game yet, you're missing out on real fun. Check out the list below to play sandbox games on Android.

1.StrikeBox: Sandbox & Shooter

StrikeBox is basically an impressive action game that offers a full sandbox experience. That's why users of this game call it the best sandbox game for Android. Here you fight your enemies like in an action-packed fighting game, but you can also use different materials to build traps and shields and trick your enemies! ​​There are mythical creatures that make the game more difficult. Similarly

2. Roblox

Roblox is a virtual universe where players can play, create, and be anything. This is an old sandbox game where you can shape the world and do many things. If you want, you can also enter other people's worlds and play there. You can play alone or with other players.

If you're a fan of sandbox games, definitely give this game a try. You can sync your account across devices so you can play on PC, console, or phone.

3. Godus

You become a GOD (Creator) in this game that rules the living world. Not only can you play as a god, but you can shape, mine, and shape the entire game to your liking. The gameplay in Godus is pretty awesome, letting you take care of small civilizations and blow them up with natural disasters.

4. Pocket City

Here you can design your chosen city and other buildings, roads, etc. On top of that, pocket cities have a vibrant economy and things like tax rates and density of buildings to build.

You can also build parks to duplicate spots. This is the free version of the game, the paid version has more features such as sandbox mode where you can use everything.

5. Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape doesn't have high graphics, but millions of players love its features. Players can choose what to do, which skills to improve, explore the game world, and join clans.


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