The 5 Best FPS Games on Android IN 2022

The 5 Best FPS Games on Android IN 2022

Not all mobile ports and customizations are created equal, even if there are big names associated with the project. First person shooter mobile games are always judged by how well they perform and how smooth the controls feel while playing. It's already difficult to compete with games that don't support controllers because you can't test your favorite Android game controller to see if it can take your running or shooting to the next level. This is not to say that mobile games cannot optimize touch controls to compete with controllers. That's why we've rounded up some of his best FPS games on the platform, including controller-friendly and non-controller titles. - Which FPS games will be added to your Android library?

1.Call of Duty Mobile

It's hard to say that Call of Duty Mobile tops the list as one of the best FPS games on Android. Since its release in 2019, it has been downloaded over 500 million times. This game is already several years old but still doing well. FPS games in general tend to age badly as they evolve on new hardware, and expectations start to rise for the game. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone so that your games play with the same graphics and have the same performance as your old phone? Call of Duty Mobile has never suffered from this problem. It's already ahead of its time and has a huge following. It features a full menu of all of Call of Duty Mobile's game modes, from Zombies to Battle Royale, plus other modes made from previous games such as Team Deathmatch with tons of classic his maps. increase. It's an all-in-one package, which is great.

2.Apex Legends Mobile

Finally, it's very exciting to see Apex Legends reach mobile. Apex Legends has always been known for delivering a solid battle royale experience. Legends are constantly being added to bring depth and strategy to the usual Run, Gun and Loot Battle Royale gameplay. Their legends offer features and special abilities that give them an edge in battle, but nothing crazy that distorts the overall balance of the game. This is a good port to Android, as it's essentially not too different from what you see. Newcomers just getting started can enjoy his Apex Legends Mobile exclusive content, including: B. Play as a mobile-exclusive Legend not found in other versions.

3.PUBG Mobile

We can't talk about PUBG Mobile, and we can't mention its sister game, PUBG: New State. In comparison, PUBG: New State is just as good, and in some ways optimized for mobile. But age and content separate his PUBG Mobile and New State. New State is much newer than his PUBG Mobile and could overtake where PUBG Mobile currently holds. PUBG Mobile is he two veteran battle royale and has a broader player base. PUBG is known for introducing a sophisticated "New State Has Weapon Customization Too" weapon upgrade system. As New State catches up with PUBG Mobile, it becomes even harder to decide which games deserve the limelight. Until then, I mostly play his PUBG Mobile.

4.Standoff 2

Closer to CS:GO style FPS than Call of Duty. The mobile version (unofficial) of CS:GO. Collect weapon skins, play single player and multiplayer (including ranked), join clans, and sell skins on the market. Given that CS:GO's gameplay is much slower than his standard arcade-style FPS and requires a lot of patience to navigate the small maps and take down enemies, it's not for everyone . Going full speed ahead without a plan is the quickest route to losing the game. In other words, practice is key to surviving Standoff 2 over the long term.

5.Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is primarily a single-player zombie FPS game that stays fairly true to the genre and reminds me a bit of Dead Space. Not afraid to show blood and gore to create an eerie atmosphere for players trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. The storyline is decent (though not for the faint of heart) and polished enough to feel like a console title. Jump straight into Dead Effect 2 without having to play the first Dead Effect game. This is a significant upgrade to the first game, so you'll probably want to do it.


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