5 Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

5 Best Bus Simulator Games for Android

Want to know what it's like to drive a real bus? This article has you covered!There are many bus simulator games for Android and iOS that have proven realistic gaming experiences. These games are usually based on real maps and offer the opportunity to explore the world. Plus, you can try out different bus models, enjoy the integrated first-person cab, and worry about real-life traffic jams!

We've rounded up the 7 best games in this category. please look!

1.Bus Simulator : Ultimate

Start with the best downloadable bus simulator on the market.

If you like realistic routes, real bus models and beautiful graphics, this app is for you. It covers multiple routes connecting the US, Russia, Germany, Spain, France, etc. This made all the maps exactly duplicated from the real one, so don't worry about accuracy here.

The same applies to buses and bus stops - everything is designed with great attention to detail. The game comes with many bus models that you can switch and customize according to your needs. For example, you can repaint your bus and add new cool features for your passengers or your own convenience. There are usually over 20 models, with more coming.

Also worth mentioning is the detailed cockpit view. The driver's cab is designed to be as lifelike as possible, with all the switches, buttons and even the radio station at your fingertips. Additionally, the game contains over 250 stations. The game also offers a changeable weather system and a traffic system that is as messy as it is in real life.

2.Public Transport Simulator

Then there's the bus simulation that teaches you how to drive the right way.

In this game you will be a business bus driver who has to take people from one destination to another. It's pretty funny work, but there are a lot of complications for you. First, people don't magically appear on the bus (like a real lie). So to get them, you have to go to the terminal first.

Once this part is one, it's time to follow the route via a built-in navigation system. The game comes with a 360-degree cockpit view, so you'll get the most realistic experience ever. All the buttons and panels inside the cabin are fully interactive, so feel free to tap on everything that catches your eye. As for the vehicles, there are plenty of bus models that you can improve with time.

Since the app is all about giving you a lifelike experience, the thing that will complicate your route is also included. For example, bad weather, a broken mechanism inside the bus, or a bad traffic jam.

3.Coach Bus Simulator

This is a bus driving game where you can experience what it's like to be a bus driver.

The main objective of this game is to experience as many driving scenarios as possible. It takes place in Europe and comes with an open world map to explore. The graphics are well done and every city and road looks unique. The game also allows you to try different bus models, from classic models to his double-decker model. This allows us to get a lot of customization options here.For example, repaint the vehicle, add personalized text, replace the wheels, or add other cool things to make your bus the best it can be The game has a cab perspective with fully interactive panels. Please note that cabinets are unique to all bus models.

When it comes to missions, you have to take people from one city to another, ride with a group of tourists and show them the scenery. Their game also features changeable weather and a time system that affects routes.

4.Bus Simulator Indonesia

This is an authentic bus simulation that offers a complete bus driver experience.

The game covers many realistic tracks outside of Indonesia, so it doesn't look like you're doing the same laps over and over again. There are many versatile locations such as bridges, coasts, and some cities. This makes the entire map a true replica, so it's not just a few random locations.

Our objective here is very simple: pick up passengers and drive them to their destination. Sometimes passengers aren't waiting for you in one place. Small group, no need to pick everyone up. The game covers many bus models so you will never get bored with the same one.

Also, you can adjust the bust to your liking. You can repaint, change tires, choose rims, and more. However, upgrading your bus requires money, which you can only earn by completing missions. The game also has a multiplayer mode where you can play with your friends.

5.World Bus Driving Simulator

In this game you will follow the most difficult bust route in Brazil.

As usual, the game contains multiple bus models with different powers and gear ratios. All buses are simulating real vehicles and new models will be added in future updates. This allows you to customize your vehicle according to your needs. You can repaint the bus, change the tires, upgrade the sofa and much more.

Plus, with equally realistic physics, there are many situations that can affect your ride. Or the terrain and road conditions change the grip of the track. The game also has a weather-changing system, so it can rain or get windy.

There are also many dangerous routes where you have to go through dirt roads, saws and so on. You can also adjust steering sensitivity and choose buses with automatic or manual transmission. You can also adjust the position of the driver in the cab.

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